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Change Of Administration

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Our reader will doubtless have seen the particulars of the death of President Harrison. He died at Washington on the fourth of April, precisely one month from the day in which he look the Inauguration oath. - By his unexpected decease, the administration of the national affairs, has devolved ups on John Tyler, of Virginia. What the principles of his administration will be, is a question in reference to which the public mind has been quite unsettled. In order to alleviate this suspense, President Tyler, has published an address to the people of the United States, setting forth the principles which will govern his political course. - We hasten to lay it before our readers, that they may form their own judgment upon the prospects of the nation. The address is short, and carries with it an appearance of straight forward determination, which is quite in contrast with the circuitous and elaborate style of his predecessor. In reference to the cause of human liberty, so far as present appearance indicate, we cannot reasonbly expect more from the present incumbent than from President Harrison. Mr. Tyler is a Virginian - a slaveholder, and President of the Virginia colonization society, and is devotedly attached to Slavery, and has no particular empathy with northern interests or feelings.