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Mayor Festers Over Flyer Fallout

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City pólice have been requested by Mayor James Stephenson to cracdown on people posting handbills, and a report from Pólice Chief Krasny indicates these instructiorïs have been relayed to patrol officers. Stephenson complained that handbills have been increasingi particularly in the downtown area and pointed to the Ann Arbor ordinance which makes postings illegal anywhere but on bulletin boards or buildings where an owner has given permission. The ordinance, passed early in Stephenson 's administration, not only puiiishes the individual caught posting the flyers on trees, poles, fences, or trash cans, but can be used against the group sponsoring the flyers. While not enforced against organizations in the past, many individuáis have been given up to SI 00 fines for illegal taping and stapling. If you're putting up flyers, keep your eyes open for Ann Arbor's men in blue.