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Jobless Hustle County

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Some angry people were at the County Commission February 5. to protest federal budget priorities and the slowness with which the local Manpower Consortium (sic) is disbursing federal job money fot unemployed persons. "Usually I'm up here for the welfare," said Sannie Hampton, a member of the People's Coalition for Jobs which organized the protest, "but now l'm here for the jobs. Damned if you people and the Congress aren't wasting money on the moon, while people down here are dying." The protestors-from the Welfare Riglits Organization, Model Cities, Ypsilanti HRP and the Office of Economie Opportunity, among others-were talking about $3 01 S4 million in federal Comprehensive EmEmployment and Training Act (CETA) money, some of which was taken away from the local 0E0 last fall and given to the citycounty Manpower Consortium to administer. OEO partisans contend more of the money would be finding its way to hardcore unemployed if they were handling it, but consortium officials claim federal regulations tie most of it up elsewhere. Demanding "jobs. not war." the People's Coalition also called for an immediate increase in the amount of federal money for unemployed workers Commissioners begged helplessness, but all voted, including seven Republicans. to send telegrams to Congress asking that military spending be cut and money for the out-of-work people increased.