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Come To The Fair!!

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It's now ihree o'clock in the morning and the SUN staff is still at the SUN office x-acto blading away and sinking fast. The last pages must be laid out. the last corrections made and this danm space has to be filled. We could use the space to express a minority view, champion an obscure cause or teil a funny story, but instead we're going to teil you about the Local Motion Fair which is happening this Saturday at Community High School. If we've recovered by then, the SUN staff will certainly be there, not only because we expect to meet our friends but also to help turn a few coins for the community From this vantage point, the best reason to come is the music which will include such local talentsas Skunk Mystery String Band, Autumn, Rachel Gladstone, Dede Palazzola, the Hardesty Bros, and Catherine Dietkoff. Member groups from Local Motion will be selling food, T-shirts, info, etc. Local Motion won't be hitting you up for admission, just a $1 .00 membership which will be recycled into helping social service groups provide their services. The Food Coop on Packard is already collccting several hundred dollars a month for Local Motion, we're told, and several other stores have joined up and should be collecting within the month. First disbursement of funds won't be until next July, however, so that the funds have time to accumulate. Right now is the fair, 1-5 pm Saturday February 15, the Community High School at N. DivisiĆ³n and Ann.