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I - Lj i.iialt -4 ' 1B-I y -41 Pji . ,111 p l . p m Boxes like the ones pictured above have greatly expanded the work in recent months. They enable us to reach more people and increase the SUN's ncome flow, which means we have more money for additional pages, staff and a better newspaper. Coinboxes pay for themselves n a few months through increased sales. Right now the SUN s out to buy 30 more of these handy machines, which cost $90 apiece. Every box we now have was purchased with short-term loans from supporters in the community. All those who've lent us money for these items so far have been paid back in full, or are i in the process of being paid back. You can help us achieve our goal if you have a spare $90 in the bank. Loan t to us for ten months, and get back $100 on your nvestment. We can negotiate terms to include monthly payment plans for sums larger than $90. Most newpapers start out with a three or four year supply of capital to help weather losses and build up mass distribution. The SUN, howevtr, was started with nothing more than several people's determination that an alternative media was needed in southeastern Michigan. The paper is doing better now than ever before, but we need investment capital to help secure and expand our operation. If you are able or willing to support the SUN by lending us money for one or more coinboxes, contact David Fenton or Dianne Ripley at 761-7148.