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Buffy Sainte-Marie, "Chongtng Woman" MCA 451 We're never going to have another Buffy Sainte-Marie, so all you heads out there in the bog of mid-sixties nostalgia waiting for another mouth bow solo. tough luck. Buffy has always been what the album's title suggests--she went psychedelic about the time of "Fire and Heet and Candlelight, she rode on the Moonshot. On her first MCA album. the much-overlooked "Buffy " with the marvelous joke cover, she proved she has the capacity to be a Rock & Roll Goddess, and on "Changing Woman " she struts her stuff as a chanteuse. It's a lush and rich, yet precisely tuned album; it shows facets of a woman's soul that a man like me can never understand, but can marvel at and appreciate. Buffy always plots her own course, and her course here is through the sexual landscape of her mind. It gets wistful, pleading, raunchy and spiritual by turns. She creates tensiĆ³n in "TUI I See You Again (Jusqu'au Je Te Revoir)" by balancing the French and English lyrics, the earthy sentiments and the highblown phrases, and her voice against her slide guitar solo. It takes two or three listenings to let the feeling of the song sink in, but once it does, it's there to stay. Another bizarre winner is "Mongrel Pup", the raunchy cut, brazenly erotic with lines like "Little girls love the nature boyWho lives among the shellsThey love to see him bodysurfUpon their little selves", yet with a Space Age American Indian philosophy. Charlie McCoy's guitar solo is nice and zingy too. Buffy's level of poetry hits highs on "Eagle ManChanging Woman", "Mongrel Pup" and "The Beauty Way". And her vocal performances on "All Around the World" and "A Man" are spacious, generous and soul-satisfying. There are excesses, but nothing above the level of nit-picking. The album was produced by Norbert Putnam, who just may be the best producer in all of Nashville, and possibly the world. Buffy has not sold out. She's just ed herself.