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Natural Birth Control, By Sliclia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. Publishcd by Bantam Books, $1.25 in paperback, pp. 238 fs ince ancient times tliere have been r people wlio understood that the j phases of the moon have a direct r relationship to people's own bio rliythms here on earth. Tlie feniale fertility cycle is one particular bio rhythm traditionally understood througli the phases of the moon. For a long time most people were interested n fertility and having more children developing families, tribes ;md races. Now people are concerned with limiting populanon growth. so ít happens that more and more people are turning back to ancient knowledge and want to.know again the relation between the moon and fémale fertility. There are many birth control methods on tlie market now; most are dangerous and all are unsatisfactory, ranging from synthetically chemical pills to IUD's, rubbers, diaphragms and foam. In the meantime. massive studies have been going on in eastern European socalled Communist countries since the 1950's that are report ing amazing success using an astrogically calculated method discovered by Dr. tugen Jonas and further developed by Dr. Kurt Rechnitz. Dr. Jonas was a Roman CathoÜc doctor who had become Chief of the Psychiatrie Out-Patient Clinic of the Nove Zamky District Institute of Public Health LnCzechoslovakia. He had been working with mentally disturbed, handicapped, deformed and underdeveloped children and adults when he noticed what seemed to be cyclic emotional problems in some of his female patients that did not correspond with menstrual eyeles. He remembered an ancient text from Assyria-Babylonia which stated. "the woman is fertile during a certain phase of the moon." From this beginning, along with an inbred abhorance for abortions, he expanded his practice to the opening of a Center for Planned Parenthood which conducted research in "cosmobiology" (a term used in some Communist countries to describe investigations of the relat ionships of bodies within our solar system. It legitimizes astrology and makes it easier for astronomers and other accepted scientists who continue to discover the reality of astrology but don't want to cali themselves "astrologer." Cosmobiology reduces the massive mythical and traditional information within the study of astrology to the bare facts, like the locations of the planetsand the angles between themit isalready an accepted science in many countries.) Dr. Jonas' work and studies led him to interests in birth control, sex predetermination, helping seemingly barren women to conceive. and in bearing healthy fully formed children. Hisastrological calculations amazed even himself. By 1956, after weeks of study and calculating he had determined 3 fundamental rules: . The time of fertility óccurs during the same pitase of the moon as that in which the woman was boni. 2. The sex of a future chilJ can be determtned bv the position of the moon during the time of the woman's fertility. 3. Unfavorable distribución of gravitional f orces of the nearer celestial bodies at the time of conception produces coniplications during prcgnancy, particularly for the fetus. Fantastic as it may seem, his results were statistically significant enough to shake up the scientific community. The story of Dr. Jonas and Dr. Rechnitz's work is chronicled by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, who learned of him while researching their best-selling book, Psychic Phenomena Behind the ron Curtain. In their book Natural Birth Control they detail how in 1966 sixty women used Jonas' method for a year with 96 percent reliability. Then 257 women used it for six months with 98 percent success. At the end of 1969 Dr. Jonas' Center reported a test in wliicli 1600 women had used birth control charts for four months with 98.5 percent effectiveness. In 1970 the scientists involved reported 1252 women over a year had 97.7 percent success! Surely statistics like that merit at least immediate investigation. The most common objection from women deciding whether to use the method or not would be that it involved abstinance. The rhythm method commonly used now is based on the ovulation cyde and luis proved to be fairly ineffective and disappointing. What Dr.'s Jonas and Rechnitz found is ihai there are two fertility cycles and calculations of the ovulation cyclewitli the astrológica! calculations they produced the statistkal effectiveness ated ahove. With that amounl of precisión the days of abstinance aro normaliy maybe one 01 two a month, twelvo to fifteen a year. witli about eleven days a month where there's a 15-3O9É chance ofpregntncy and a supplementaiy method would be süggested. Uke loam oí a diaphragm. Of coursc tlii' reality luis been personal persecution of Dr. Jonas and only minimal attentton to his woik. As Ostrander and Schroedei put t, The unavoidable facl that Jonas' system is based on the positions of cosmic hodiesdnosi particularl) the sim and moon) generated automatic opposition from the start." Despite a long list of very noteworthy supporters, alter the Soviet invasión ot CzechoslovaJcia in 1968 lus (enter lasted a yeai and ihen was closed with Dr. Jonas being "unavailable" since. Ilis work is being carried on in Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Geimany; and research centeis have opened in Vienna, land. Malaysia and Washington D.C., but the information and help available is stil! only minimal. I he implications of sudl work are tremendously important foi everyone. I he results obtained not only in hnth control, but concerning helping seemingly banen women conceive and in women beaiing healthy cliildren alter a hisioi y of malformation is exciting, progressive and heart-waiming. But this is not to say we should all immediately remove our lUD's and throw away the foam, ete. Ostiandei and Schroedei make it very elear, "...we are not recommending Dr. Jonas' theories as a medical system. We don't know if they are right or wrong. They are presented as information. not advise. ..If he's riglit it's good news--and more. If he's wrong, as we had something to do with making him known here, we'd like to see the fallaey laid to rest." If you've liad a history of particular problems and are truly interested in an astrológica! approach be sure you consult a competent known astrologer. There certainly is no danger involved, but the variables and precisión involved in astrológica! calculations cannot be underestiniated. The variationsin our own lives, the stress we can't get away from no doubt affects each of us in significant physical manners that should be taken into account with anything we decide to do to ourselves. Here in Michigan there are vai ious resources where you can get completely cooperative and expert advise. In Ann Arbor you can contact Michael Erlewine, a well-known astrologer of long standing merit, at 663-6677. Mayflower Books is always a source for information and aid at 769-1583. Or you can contact Tom Parsons in Detroit who teaches courses in medical astrology at Schoolcraft College; cali him at 326-0779. From these sources you'll be able to get a year's planned chart and advise for a minimal fee well worth it. This is only one example of the practical application of astrology-the rest of it is equally amazing and lovingly useful in all walks of lite.