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To The Abolitionists Of Michigan: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Letter to the Editor
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Dear Friends: - In the last annual report of the Executive committee of the Michigan State Anti-Slavery Society, it was distinctly announced that having for some time devoted considerable time and means in endeavoring to promote the Anti-Slavery cause, I was no longer able to do so without the necessary remuneration to support my family. I feel in duty bound to say, that I believe the late board have made suitable effort to raise means to u sustain the printing department of the Freeman, together with an Editor, and that such is the unprecedented condition of the pecuniary affairs of the state, that they have not fully succeeded. While I am thus reluctantly compelled to decline accepting the editorial department of the Freeman, to which I have again been invited, I am still greatly rejoiced to learn that there is so much enterprise and determination, on he part of the present able and enlightened board that they have resolved, "that for the want of means to employ an Editor, they will edit the Freeman themselves." May great success attend their very arduous and praiseworthy undertaking. - May they ever find a ready response in the hearts and purses of the friends of freedom in Michigan - and may the noble cause move onward to a speedy triumph under their supervision - and the blessing of heaven. Permit me briefly to say, that if my labors and sacrifices in Michigan in behalf of my enslaved fellow men and my country, amid some trials and many disadvantages, have been productive of any good, I shall ever be satisfied on the reflection that my lot had been cast for a time to toil in common with the friends of the slave in the Peninsula State. I shall ever have the consolation of having aimed during my labors with you, to do from time to time, what seemed to me to be called for, to sustain and advance the cause in which my heart was engaged. That I may not sometimes have erred in expressions it would be vanity to pretend. But all my friends, doubtless feel, that "to err, is human, and to forgive, divine." In the main principles and measures, however, which I have strenuously advocated, I yet see no cause for regret. May the God of the oppressed everthrow a shield of protection around all who still remain upon the "battle field of liberty," whether acting in the responsible capacity of editors, or in any manner as their co-workers. May union prevail among the friends of freedom, and their motto ever be onward, till the slave is free and our country redeemed. Permit me now, friends, to take my leave of you, in an affectionate farewell. Your fellow-laborer in the cause of humanity, S. B. TREADWELL, At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Michigan State Anti-Slavery Society, at Ann Arbor, April 8th, 1841, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:- Whereas, S. B. Treadwell, the Editor of the Michigan Freeman, has requested of this Committee, that, on account of the pecuniary circumstances of the Society, his connection with the Freeman may be dissolved, and he be released from his situation as editor of that paper: Therefore, Resolved, That while we sssent [sent] to the request of Brother Treadwell, we deem it proper, at the same time, to express our entire and hearty approval of the consistant and straight forward course, whichhas been pursued by the Freeman while under his direction, in supporting the cause generally, and especially in reference to independent political action, and we believe that the present favorable position of the Anti-Slavery cause in this State, is, in a great measure the result of his zealous, self denying, and persevering efforts in sustaining the Freeman, amidst pecuniary embarrassments and political opposition. Resolved, That on taking leave of our respected and much esteemed friend, S. B. Treadwell as editor, we tender him our warmest thanks for the self-sacrificing spirit he has manifested in sustaining the cause of freedom in this State, and that he and his beloved family shall ever have our best wishes for their present happiness, and future joy, where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. Whereas, S. B. Treadwell has in kindness offered to relinquish his claim upon the Michigan State Anti-Slavery Society for just services as Editor of the Freeman, if he can be paid $159,67, which is the amount he has paid out over and above his receipts to sustain the cause, Therefore, Resolved, That $159,67 be paid to Br. Treadwell, and that an immediate appeal be made to the friends of the cause in this State for funds to meet this demand.