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STANDING AROUND WITH NOTHING JÊÊt TODO? mm Wimf EXPERIENCED I KKgj WRITERS t RrjiJBR NtJarUrv Ernest Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin and Tom HHr 'iQfiíwItl Hayden all got their starts in the high-pressure newsMBsBw tSI paper businessWÊÊrwtiSÊfai Í. Lkilf Now, in thistimeof rising unemployment, the 'PPSmMPI ShhIA' lnMw has some gd news for experienced writers, P SaSRf " 'W people who look upon words as their solemn craft. ElK5f y To help our overburdened editorial staff improve j' -j tne content of the paper, we are seeking reporters XyWvm wÊ' and feature writers who will actually be paid for fWi A their work. '■■'-aPB The pay isn't on a scale with the New York Times F jH or anything, but would certainly be worthwhile to 4jn' iff ik someone looking to get ahead in the field. If you t} have experience in reporting or editing, and need 5LjÉ HM. extra money in order to utilize your skills, contact í& !-M Ellen Hoffman at the SUN office, weekdays, 761-7148