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MT - I Like THE BATTLEC F ALGIERS, h it is a re-creation of an actual incident, recalled in a spirit of quiet WL fury." Time Magaziru; jk "A remarkably made movie, strik■ ihg, often hypnotic, fascmating 1 and haunting. See it by all means." .,-..■ ,-w.-. % ■ New York Times ÉÊÊ "RAMPARTSOF CLAY isar: I extraordinary example of cinemk matic art. Form and content V function inseparably to make k a powerful dnd moving state . ment on the human I i tion." Film Library Quarterly I & "Arresting in its sullen, m, dark beauty. An extra I k ordinary, hauntingly beautifut film." Wall I ■ Street Journal. Jt-3 Itwilíbeshowíng i f f i TB iCtib I f I ihm up on fllm soc'ety Ir] %wA ■ I i I i'C'k Pr9rams Or years [41 'fi W L Jli 5J lto "The Nationj WE ARE THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE 83 "WE ARE THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE" is a compelling documentary account of the century-long con ilict between the Zionist settlers of Pale) tine and the indigenous Palestinian Arabs. The film employs rare histo footage to show conditions in the Palestinian refugee camp md examines the various programs of the Palestinian Liberation Organizal n- school] clinics, cultural programs and guerilla training bases. Interviews wtth Palestinian militants and PLO leader Yasir Arafat provide a persuasive argument against Zionist presence in Palestine. 8&10:30 "MBig!? 7&9:30(See movie section for short reviews.)