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Commander Cody

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Free! Commander Cody With Your Sun Subscription. 

Not exactly, but you will get a free copy of the Commander's latest album if you take out a one or two year subscription to this newspaper. Warner Brothers, that's Cody's new record label, gets the free publicity and we (that means you) get the free albums. The new LP features a cross-section of music ranging from country ballads to Cody's own brand of party rock and roll. So subscribe to the SUN for one year (24 issues-$5.50) or more (2 years, 48 issues-$10.00) and get an earful of Ann Arbor's favorite home-town band plus it's community newspaper. Fill out the subscription blank nearby, fill out your check or money order, and wait for your free jams...

Yes! Give me 24 issues of the SUN, and a free record. Enclosed is $5.50. 

I'll take 48 issues of the SUN and a free record. Enclosed is $10.00.


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Send check to the Ann Arbor SUN, 603 E. William St., Ann Arbor MI 48108.