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"Jamaicans caught possessing guns, or even one bullet, are whisked off to a concentration camp where they can be detained indefinitely, have no rights, and are fed bread and water. One does not have to be overly paranoid to believe the police would plant "evidence." "

Dear SUN:

Jamaica: a tropical respite from the winter drabness of the frozen north. But the sun-drenched days cannot blind one to the fundamental conflict that is developing in this island nation.

Negril, for several years a mecca for American hippies, is succumbing to the developers. An airport, $60 a night resort hotels, and expensive condominiums are springing up along the once unspoiled seven mile beach. Nice for rich Americans. But what about the poor Jamaicans who used to eat the breadfruit from the trees that used to grow where condominiums now bruise the eye? The police, obviously trying to "clean up the area," strip search and harass Jamaicans on the beach. They frequently visit the small guesthouses where many American hippies stay, looking for ganja, producing an unhealthy state of paranoia. The people who live there are not pleased; I was told "They fucking it up, mon!" by many a disgruntled local.

This morning I woke up in a curfew

oh God, I was a prisoner too - yeah

could not recognize the faces standing over me

they were all dressed in uniforms of brutality*

Kingston, the capital is a rough, violent city. It was ostensibly to curtail the violence that a concentration camp, euphemistically called Gun Court, was constructed there. Jamaicans caught possessing guns, or even one bullet, are whisked off to Gun Court, which is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and guard towers, where they can be detained indefinitely, have no rights, and are fed bread and water. The Jamaican police can search anyone suspected of possessing firearms without any warrant, and one does not have to be overly paranoid to believe that the police would plant "evidence" (a bullet) on a person they wanted to remove from circulation.

If you are a big tree

we are the small axe

sharpened to cut you down

ready to cut you down, oh yeah*

Pot smokers know about the decreased availability of Jamaican weed. The American and Jamaican governments are cooperating to cut off the trade, but why? Many of the large ganja wholesalers do not want money anymore. They want guns. Obviously this frightens the regime. 1 was told by one Rasta that "if the present Prime Minister is reelected next year there will be war in Jamaica." The repressive maneuvers of the Manley administration (the present Prime Minister's father was Prime Minister before him - one family has held the office since independence in 1962) are too much for many and preparations are under way for civil war. There are areas in the mountains over which the government has little or no control: the people in the "Cockpit Country," for example, are, for all practical purposes, considered to be independent. These areas provide a secure base from which an armed rebellion could easily begin, much like the relatively inaccessible mountain areas from which Castro began the successful liberation of Cuba. But who knows?

you can fool some people sometimes

but you can't fool all the people all the time

and now we've seen the light (What you gonna do)

we gonna stand up for our rights* 

Rich Drouillard Ann Arbor

*copyright by the Wailers, 1973 Tuff Gong Music LTD.


The Prisoners' Progress Association assists inmates with various lawsuits.

Letter to the Editors:

With the recent surge of information written about prisons and their inmates, I feel it important to discuss the ultimate crest of that wave - prisoner's rights.

Concentrated here in Michigan, is an organization of inmates, ex-offenders, and free world individuals devoted to the legal enactment of prisoners' rights, that group appropriately named, The Prisoners' Progress Association (PPA).

The president, Mr. Claude Williams and the legal advisory consultant, Mr. Ronald Jordan (both doing time at SPSM-Jackson) have diligently worked to assist inmates with their legal cases and with various suits against the prison, some of which have 'affectionately' become known within the Department of Correction as "The Lights Out Policy" and "The Plastic Spoons Issue."

But PPA does more! We free world members believe in "communication" - yes, correspondence and personal contacts with prisoners, their family and friends. Caring about the lives of others is a major part of our work.

We need more free world 'carers.' Our "oasis" is located at 4245 State Road (across from the Ann Arbor airport) where our free world secretary, Ms. Anna Wehagen is located. Interested people are always welcome. For more information you can call 769-2185 and ask for Claudia.

In Progress, Claudia Cines c/o PPA


"I have not committed any crime of violence or inflicted injury on society as a whole, but am serving 10-20 years for possession of two and a half pounds of Colombian weed."

Dear SUN:

I am a reader of your paper and I enjoy all of your articles that tend to stimulate my intellectual capacity. l am incarcerated at the Marion Correctional Institute in Marion, Ohio. I am serving 10-20 years for possession of 2.5Ibs. of Columbian weed. I have not committed any crime of violence or inflicted any injury upon society as a whole, this was not for sales only due to quantity, it was my own personal "stash."

I would like to correspond with anyone who would enjoy hearing about the inside view of the "depersonalization," "Brutality," "dehumanization," complete "degradation" and "mental deterioration" one suffers for smoking "weed" and getting "caught up" in the "Jaws" of the legal system. I feel that correspondence can help eliminate "mental deterioration" due to receiving some "feed back" from the "outside" world and thus serving as stimulus. I thank you for your help and close by saying-Keep on, Keeping on. Very devoted to reading the SUN.

-Tony Aloi, No. 139-801


"We think women should have suitable birth control means available to them without having to pay exorbitant fees."

Dear Editor:

The Women's Counseling Center of Detroit wishes to announce the recent opening of its Pregnancy Prevention Clinic. We have become very aware of the increasing number of problem pregnancies through our free pregnancy testing program and through counseling. We, consequently, feel that women need to become more aware of what is available to them for birth control.

With the increasing problems that the economic situation is presenting we are trying to do our part as "Women Helping Women." We truly feel that it is our responsibility as women to make available our experience and knowledge to other women. We also think that women should have suitable birth control means available to them without having to pay exorbitant fees.

The Pregnancy Prevention Clinic offers free pregnancy testing, pap tests, gonorrhea screening, birth control pills, intrauterine devices, pelvic and breast examinations. The Center is staffed by empathetic, understanding women. The physicians are skilled and understanding. They are MDs with considerable experience.

Fees can be adjusted as necessary and Medicaid is accepted to cover alt costs. All fees are very nominal.

We as a staff of concerned women would appreciate your help in reaching other women. If I can answer any questions please feel free to contact us at any time. The Center is open Tuesday through Friday from 9:30a.m. to 5:00p.m., until 7:00p.m. on Mondays and on Saturday from 8:00a.m. until 3:00p.m. A variety of free literature is available through the Center for the asking.

In all efforts for women,

S. Elaine Mclntosh, Ad. Director

Nancy A. Piatt, Ad. Director

13040 W. Seven Mile Road

Detroit, Michigan 48235

(313) 861-3939