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PAPER RADIO - Local news this issue includes a look at the malfunctioning Ann Arbor Cable TV system, the partial victory of GEO, the recent Gay Conference, Landlords Against Rent Control, the police attack on pro-Palestinian demonstrators, and Ann Arbor's newest radio station... Pages 4-5.

AN INTERVIEW WITH CAROL ERNST - The HRP's "blue-collar feminist" candidate for Mayor of Ann Arbor speaks her mind candidly on Democrats, Republicans, rent control and day care. Interviewed by David Fenton, Ellen Hoffman and Barbara Weinberg... Pages 6-7.

INFORMED SOURCES -The CIA and the Godfather, the fall of Phnom Penh to liberation forces, a fungus which attacks only marijuana plants, and other items of national/international news as viewed by Pun Plamondon... Pages 9-10.

BOOKS: THE BIRTH OF A CULTURE AND THE GREENING OF THE RECORD BUSINESS - Music Editor Billy Adler reviews a book by ex-Columbia Records Prez Clive Davis and another on the history of Atlantic Records... Page 12.

RECORDS - Reviews of new albums by Charles Mingus, Ann Arbor's own Sky King, Led Zeppelin, Phoebe Snow, John Lennon, Dewey Redman, and others... Page 15 & 17. '11

HERBIE HANCOCK ON BUDDHIST CHANTING AND THE HIGH ROAD TO SUCCESS - In this interview with Bill Adler and David Fenton, the world's top-selling jazz musician speaks of the popularization of his own special brand of cosmic funk... Page 18.

MUSIC AND POLITICS WITH GIL SCOTT HERON - A highly talented and socially conscious musician, currently gaining attention through the efforts of Clive Davis' new record company, speaks his mind on Nixon, critics, repression and the movements of the sixties... Page 18.

CONCERTS - Two views on the controversial Roxy Music, by Chris McCabe of WIOT-FM and Barbara Weinberg of the SUN... Page 23.

MUSIC NOTES - New releases, changes at WABX, happenings at the Savoy, and the A2 School of Creative Music are discussed in the SUN's new music column... Page 23.

MOVIES - The Ann Arbor Film Festival and a preview of Lucia... Page 26.

CLASSIFIEDS - Are growing and on page 24.