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Emmylou Harris

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Emmylou Harris Pieces of the Sky Reprise MS 2213

    Emmylou Harris is not just another country blues singer. She is the single brightest new voice of the past three years, and a positive joy on this, her first album. Those of you who are Linda Ronstadt fans know that she predicted big things for Emmylou. They've come true.

    Emmylou does a spectrum that stretches from Dolly Parton to Lennon/McCartney and makes it all sound incurably right. "Coat of Many Colors," the Dolly Parton tune, is pure showcase cornpone, dripping with sincerity and musical integrity. "For No One," off of Revolver, is another polished gem, set against Bill Payne (of Little Feat) on piano. My favorite cuts are "Boulder to Birmingham" and "Queen of the Silver Dollar." But get a hold of this album, listen to Ms. Harris' clear, confident voice and soon you'll be picking out your favorite cuts as well. lIt's an enjoyable dilemma.