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Fest Flowers In Arb

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Fest Flowers In Arb

The Ann Arbor Spiritual Community has the opportunity to participate in the Spring Festival of Life being held on the Main Meadow in Nichol's Arboretum and in various buildings on campus, April 11-13.

This celebration includes a Mini Film Festival and a song and dance fest. It also encompasses a sunrise meditation, Sufi dancing for all, and workshops spanning as diverse interests as Western traditional religions, social service organizations, Eastern religions and philosophies and local artists communicating their spiritual involvement in the act of creation. Such interest groups include a Windsor Hindu Temple Dancer, Hassidic Dancers, the Lichtenstein Circus (A Jesuit Priest and cohorts improvising age-old street theater), Mr. R.R. Ayyangar, a veena master (a 3000 year old Indian devotional instrument). A feast and other centering events emphasize the importance to our community of individual spiritual growth, serve as a resource for the curious and those searching for values and ethics outside the material and temporal world and show that through the diversity of the many paths to our spiritual being there is a universality common to all.

This is the fifth Festival of Life which has been largely supported and organized through the Offices of Ethics and Religion. It becomes vital for the continuation of the event to become aware of the fact that the office acts as a sounding board for community needs. After donating the money and the experience of its staff some ideas must become established, the office gives the ongoing operation over to the interest group it generated.

To this end we solicit the interest of all persons seeking to sustain this annual eclectic gathering which enriches our culture. Please call us at the Office of Ethics and Religion (764-7442) if you can contribute ideas, energy and contacts for the organization of a truly communally spirited event. In behalf of the Festival of Life People.


- Ritchie Greene and Charlie Nelson