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PAPER RADIO / Matrix Theatre Opens / CONGRATULATIONS are in order to the New World Media Project on the Grand Opening (finally) of their latest endeavor, the MATRIX THEATRE. The Matrix is located right below the present offices of the SUN, in the former home of Mark's Coffeehouse at William and Maynard Streets in Ann Arbor. / Matrix will be screening first rate, progressive films from the U.S. and around the world. Their grand opening is April 2 with Lisa Minelli in Cabaret. / While not exactly the long-desired People's Ballroom, the Matrix does give the community a place to get together, have benefits and meetings, which is not controlled either by the University or some more conservative and expensive Ann Arbor groups. / And, where the old SUN offices used to be, above the Blind Pig Cafe on First Street, there is another new enterprise worthy of your inspection. That is, the New World Trading Troupe (not to be confused with New World Media Project), an arts and crafts store with absolutely the best merchandise and cheapest prices to be found anywhere north of the Rio Grande. The trading troupe is stocked with leather work, jeweiry and candles from the old Sunrise Communal Farm Store, which used to be located on Washington. There are a fine varity of plants from Plants Galore, as well as bags and other leathercraft from Latin America. / Check them out, you'll be welcome.