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People 's Yellow Pages / The Ann Arbor People 's Yellow Pages became available for distribution last Monday at local bookshops and stores for 50 cents. This 100-page directory lists non-profit organizations, political groups, spiritual groups, low-cost educational and social services, cooperatively and collectively owned businesses. and any other people who are working for social change locally. / This type of book has been put together in San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities but this is the first complete collection of alternative resources in Ann Arbor. / The purpose of this directory is to connect persons with existing groups which seek to challenge poverty, sexism, racism, and economicĀ and social inequality. It also provides a listing of low-cost services available to all members of the community. / The People 's Yellow Pages cost of 50 centsĀ is based on the printing expenses--this is not a profit-making project. Books will be sold on the Diag and at the Pilot Program, Alice Lloyd Hall, 100 S. Observatory, Ann Arbor, as well as local bookstores.