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Get Hashed At The Bash

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Concerned Cannabis Consumere of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti. and interestcd ènvirons! The cali is out once again lilis year a community gathering is schedukd for Tuesday. April Fool's Day - tlie fourth annualANN ARBOR HASH BASH Ai this celebrated. unorganizcd and highly spontaneous event, área tokers are expected to produce an unequalled array ot' primo Afghanistan hashish, gooey round retí Colombian buds. the favorile ()aacan light gréen tops, Nepalëse hashish oil, and other potent herbal substancesof nature. Il is nol expected that there will bc any trouble t'rom local, state or federal pólice, besides the innocuous piesence of the usual evident "undercover" agents (the . SUN will get their photos f they're there). Tlie pólice have proven helpless. even before the $5 marijuana law. to deal with these unruly, law-breaking gatheriugs dtie to the sheer multitude oí' severa] thousand people vvho defy antiquity on the diag each year. This year there hasn't even been the silly hubub in the media before the event. putting ('hief krasny on the spot to inouth some inanity of "well bc there and watching" scare flim-ilam. Spring wil! bc greeted in style all day long that Tuesday on the Diag, where the Friends Road Show and Peachy Creain Productions are expected to perform and thereby add to the generally elcvatcd spirits. Shakey Jake will be out there doing his thing, and perhaps some creative personage will arrange some free music to ruuse even the studenis from theü studies. (The frats will be out there destroyingeggs.) In a related matter, city pólice and federal agents seized five hu mi red beautiful pounds of marijuana last week and arrested two public servants they said flew the herb into Ann Arbor's Municipal Airport. The stuff, according to Krasny, who shouldn't even be involved in such matters according to the S5 City Charter, was flown in from Acapulco (we sure could use some of that!). l'he suspects were arrested aftcr the cargo was transferred from their small plane to a truck. Detectives arresled the brothers less than a niile Irom the airport. and are holding them in the Washtenaw County Jail before being taken to Federal Court in Detroit.