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The Shape Of Things To Come

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The Shape of Things to Come   

   Here's a tidbit from LNS that indicates the direction of US foreign policy in the future. Nathaniel Davis was confirmed by the Senate without debate as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. He will assume over-all responsibility for directing U.S. policy regarding Africa. Davis was ambassador to Chile during the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende's Popular Unity government in 1973. He was also ambassador to Guatemala from 1969-71 during a US-led counterinsurgency effort resulting in the killing of 20,000 Guatemalans.

   William Bowdler was also confirmed by the Senate as ambassador to South Africa. Bowdler was also an ambassador to Guatemala, succeeding Davis in 1971. During Bowdler's term, the U.S. assisted in an urban terror campaign known as the "state of seige," in which, according to the New York Times, 3,000 Guatemalan opponents of the right-wing government were assassinated.

   The last confirmation made by the Senate was of Harry Shlaudeman. confirmed as the ambassador to Venezuela. who is believed by the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), to have CIA connections. He was present in each of three Latin American countries when right-wing coups took place - Chilean 1973, Dominican Republic in 1965, and Guatemala in 1954. According to NACLA all three are veteran Latin American destabilization experts.