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Find A Lot & Dig It

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Find a Lot & Dig It

   Detroit Mayor Coleman Young has announced that the city will plant an urban forest on the Kern Block downtown, and city-owned empty lots are planned to become gardens.

   "We intend to do a whole lot more than plant trees here on the Kern, Block." Young said. "Some 3,000 empty lots are eyesores in our city. What we're talking about is the greening of this city downtown, uptown, and all around the town," Young went on.

   The empty lots will be loaned to neighborhood residents to use for urban farming on a first-come. first-served basis.   

   "It makes sense to me that people can grow their own food and cut down on living expenses," the mayor commented.  "Also, the more gardens we have the more beautiful Detroit will be."

  Gardeners are expected to run into difficulty planting on some of the lots. Many are strewn with broken bottles. bricks and other trash. Most of the lots only have three to four inches of top soil over the rubble, but the people of Detroit are expected to find a way over these obstacles.