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Work f or you When you go to the polls on April 7, it is vital ihut you read carefully printed instructions on the new paper ballots. If you make a mlstake, your vote wil] nol be counted. USE NUMBERS ON THE MAYOR BALLOT Because of the new preferential ballot system, this ballot must be marked 1,2.3. If you should accidentally use X's, your ballot does not get counted. To vote for mayor, make a one for your fust choice. (The SUN is recommending that be Democrat Al Wheeler.) If you wish to make a second or third choice, mark the numbers 2 or 3 in the appropriate cueles. USE Xs ON THE COUNCIL BALLOT Even though it looks almosl exactly like the mayor's ballot except it uses squares instead of circles. This ballot must be marked with the traditional X. Numbers here will disqualify your vote. In the sample ballot (right), an X is marked in the square for the SUN's endorsed Fust Ward candidate, David Goodman USE XsON THE THREE CHARTER AMENDMENTs BALLOT. Not shown hete, there are also three charter amendments for which you will be given a single ballot. These are labeled A-City Charter Amendment Petition Rent Control; B-City Charter Amendment Petition Minimum Budget Appropriation for Day Care Services; and C-City Charter Amendment Petition Voter Registration Procedures. We recommend an X in all three yes boxes. Mayor SE DEMOCRATIC T PUBLICAN I W) ÏÏÏS? PP PARTY PAPTY 7 -rud RluHTS V 4& rMRI I fc2lllll rAKIT ]P DADTV ALBERT H. % JAMES E. V CAR0L Vi; WHEEIER (J SnPHENSON ( ERNST ? the balhl itistmctions carefully. h 's numbers qn the mayor ballot and X's on the council and charter amendments. . 1 mistake tneans your vote won 't couni. CityCouncil SI0 DEMOCRAT.C 7"" REPUBUCAN Tf " WT& PARTY DADTV írLd RIGHTS fo rAiiii 2 mu PARTY Wnr n,nTV ELIZABE7H KAREN L. iHBl DAVID N I TAYIOR GRAF GOODMAN