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Moon in Libra then in Scorpio 8:09pm On this day in 1915: Emma Goldman tells the f irst US audience how to use a contraceptive. She chooses 15 days in jai! instead of a $100 fine. In 1972, Soledad Bros., including Ruchell Magee are acquitted of killing a prison guard. MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor I lm Co-op: "Bananas" (Woudy Altea) MLB3, 7, 8:30 & 10, $1.25. "Putney Swope" (Roben Darney) MLB4. 7:1S, 8:45 & 10:15, $1.25 Cinema Guild: "International Animation" 7,8:45 & 10:30, $1.00 Cinema II: "Viridiana" (Luis Bunuel) 7 & 9 $1.00 Mediatrics: "Camclot" 7 & 9:30, $1.00 DETROIT Detroit l'ilm Theatre 111: "I car lials the Soul" (Rainer Wcrner f assbinder) 7 & 9, $2 (students $1.50) MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Hmhwoods Strine Band 9pm, $2.50, folk Bimbo's AA: Banjo Sing Along Band, 8pm, 50 Binibo's on the Hill: l-oreplay, 8:3Opm, no cover, r&r Chances Are: Masquerade. 9pm, r&r Ilill Lounge: Ta te BHu's Band. 9:30, blues Golden lalcon: Iris Bell, 9:30pm, S! Mr. I lood's Party: Grevitnis Angels, 9:3Opm, Sl.c&w Prelzcl Heil: Live entertainment. lOpm. 51.50 Rubaiyat: We The People. 9:30pm, no cover Rackham Lecture Hall: Woodwind Ouintet concert, 8pm, tne YPSILANTI Bimbo's: LittleRubenA Phe Averag American Band. 9:3Optn, SI. 50, T&t Suds l'actory: Quinn, 9:30, SI Dl IKOIT li.iker's Keyboard: HueIi Masekela. '1:30 & 11:15 & lam. 54. azz Pooi Women's Psiradise Coffeehouse: Jessie, 9pm-niidnif!ht. $1.50, iighl folk & rock Raven Gallery: Odettfl, 9:30 & 10:30. Í3, the first lady of folk song the Underground I prcss: Other Bros., l'.im Valencia. MaMe Huntei & Contaglous Olhers, 10;45 & 12:45, $2,soal Watts Club Mozambique: Sonny Stitt. Clarenct Whceler & Terrj Poliatd Prio, 9:30, $3.50, azz Ford Auditorium: Ilic Average White Band, 8:30, sold out. Masonic Auditorium: Inner Soul Ja, Hpm. tickets 56.50 & 5.50 at Masonic B.O. 832-6648 1 . I ANSING Lizard's: Country I ried w Uan Lcc, 9:30pm c&w The Swbles: Les McCann, 10 4 1 2. i:i TOLEDO foledo Sports Arena: fop and Kis, $6.50 ai the dooi TV lam: Rock Concert with Steppenwolf, l'ulsc and Brian Auger's Oblivion Express. Ch. 7 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Umversity Theatre Showcase presenis "No Place to be Somebody" play by Charles Bordone, 8pm in Mendelssohn Theatre. Tickets & info 764-0450 The Mad Madonna's, an original production which celébrales the t'orward positive movemept of women through improvisation, dance & song. 8pm at Halfway Inn. F.isl Quad. Donation S2 goes 10 Joanne Little Dcfense Fund. Indochina Peace Campaign presents a multimedia War Bulletin presentation on the eurrent military lituation in Cambodia and Vietnam. Video news clips, slides, photos and speakers. 8pm in the meeting room of the Ann Arbor Public Library. I-ree. U ot" M Professional Theatre Program (PTP) presents "The Sunshine Boys," 8pm in Power ('enter. Ticket info: 764-0450 Babysitting at the Children's C'ommunity Center (COC) 7pm-lam, 75ihr. 663-4392. YPSILANTI Ypsi Playera Dinner Theatre presenls "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" a comedy by Neü Simon. 6:3Opm (buffet) at the I'laming Pit, 3750 Washtenaw. Reservations 485-0595. DETROIT Multi Media Festiva] at the Earth Center, %2 I eol like boogie'n after the Average White Band concert? Then check out the Dance by Rebod. (Lotea Glitter, Jeans, Patches). 9pm tintil ?; Tickets are S4 in advancc, S5 at the door, tree refreshments. At the D.A.V. Hall at 1 360 Kast Jefferson. For info cali "Wigs & Stuff Boutique" iüHlii if Moon in Scorpio MOVIES ANN ARBOR CiiMfna GuHd: "Children of Paraidse" (Marcel Carne) 8:00 ojaly, SI. "L'Age D'or" (Luis Bunuel) & "Blood ol a Poet" (Jean Coc(eau) 7&9, SI Medialrics: "Cameloi" sec 328 US-Oiina People's I riendship Atsociatjon ot Ann Arhor and the Chinese Student Av sociation will present a l'iim entitled "A Urilliant Spectacle," on the Asian-Africafll.atin American l:iMc Tennis Tournament held in Peking. The tilm is n coloi with English Mibtitles. and includes footage of the james, dancing, singing, and a tour of the (hiñese eountiysule as well uv industria] ureas. Admission is only 75sf - 1 ree tefreshments, 1 .30 and 3:30pm in the Modern I aiiüiiage Building, UM, Ann Arbpr. BN presentí lapes of Radio King & His Court of Rhythm recordcd live in the Sa voy - Sheiby Hotel. lOpm (just before the Saturday Night Party Show with David Fenton.) 89.5 I M DETROIT Detroit Film Theatre III: 'The Childhood of Maxim Gorky" (Mark Donskei) 7 & 9, $2 Tlic Farth Center: "Salome," story by Oscar Wilde and "More About Me" by George Bernard Shaw" 2 shows 8 & 1 Ipm MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Highwoods String Band sce 328 Bimbo's AA: Banjo Sing Along Band, see 328 Bimbo'son the Hill. I oreplay, sce 328 Chances Are: Ma.squcrade, sec 328 Hill Lounge: Tate Blues Band, see 328 Golden Falcon: Iris Bell, see 328 Mr. Flood's Party: Grevious Angels, sce 328 Pretzel Belt: Live entertainment, see 328 Rubaiyat: We The People, see 328 YPSILANTI Binibo's: Little Ruben & the Average American Band, see 328 Suds Factory: Quinn, see 328 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Hugh Masekela, see 328 The Farth Center: An evening of sitar and folk m u sic. Poor Women's Paradise Coffeehouse: Jean and Pam, 9pm-midnight, S 1.511, contemporary folk Raven Gallery: Odetta, see 328 The Underground Express: Other Bros, Pam Valencia, Mable Hunter & Contagious Otïters, see 328 Watts Club Mozambique: Sonny Stitt. see 328 Masonic Auditorium; Robin Trowcr, 8pm, tickets $6.50 & 5.50 at B.O. 832-664X E. LANSING Lizard's: Country Ined wAlan Loc. sec 328 The Stables: Los McCann, sec 328 TV Ipm: Soul Train: BB Kint'. ttic Yoonghearfs, People'i Chqice, Cb. 2 2pm: Sir Graves Ghastly presents "Thé Mark of the Vampire " Bela Lugosi, Ch. 2 2:3Opm: Back stage at the American Song f eslival 5:3Opm: World of Survival "Sccrcts of the Trom Stream" Ch. 50 8;00pm: Video History of Ann Arboi, Part 3: Business produced largety by ihc Ann Arbor Public Library. Cable 3 K):30pm: Document "Abortion: Mie Dêb.ite C.ocs on". Part 1: Spokcspcoplo for severa! gxoups concerned with the abortion issue present their views. Ch. V EVENTS ANN ARBOR l of 1 1 heatre Showcase presentí "No Plácelo Be Somebody." sec 328 l bf M PTP presents "The Sunshmc Boys" sec 328 Babysit ting at the CCC, 7pm-lam, 75hr. 663-4392 YPSILANTI Ypsi Plavers Dinnei Theatre presents "The Prisoncr of Second Avenue" see 32J3 Drama presented "The 1-amily" at Congrcss St. Church of God in Ypsi. Drama Dept. of Anderson College, Indiana, 7:3Opm, frec. DETROIT Children's Theatre: I ilms and live entertainment 2pra at the Earth Center, 50 sumís 30 Moon in Scorpio then in Sagittarius 11:12pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Porl of Shadows" (Marcel Carne) 7pm, SI. "Easy Living" (Mitehell Leisen) 9:05, $1 Cinema ll:"Dreams That Moncy Can Buy" (Hans Richter) 7 & 9, $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Bimbo's AA: Banjo Sing Along Band. 8pm, no cover Blind Pig: Classicai, 9:30pm, $1 (downstairs only) Chances Are: Masquerade, see 328 Del Rio: Live jazz in the afternopn Dooley's: Live entertainment, 8pm, no cover Golden Faleon: Iris Bell, 9:3Opm, no cover Mr. Hood's Party: Melidosis, 4pm, 504, Latín jazz. Daddy;G & the Nightrain, 9:30, 75(i "The Music of Latin America": Suni Paz in concert. 8pm,MLB3 in conjunction with Latin Amerkuns in Struggle Colloquium YPSfLANTI Bimbo's: Littlc Ruben & the Average American Band, 9:3Opm, $1, r&r DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Hugh Masekela, see 328 The harth Center: Live jazz, 6-10pm. tree Poor Womcn's Paradise Coffeehouse: Live jazz, 2-5pm Raven C.allery : Odetta, see 328 The underground Expres: Othei Bros, Pam Valencia, Mable Hunter & Contagious Others, see 328 Masonic Auditorium: Robin Trower, see 329 Music Hall: Qmncy Jone;,, 2 shows, sold out. E. LANSING The Brcwcry: l'assport, 9:30pm. SI .50, Germán ja Lizard's: Coantry Fried wAtan Lee, sec 32S Stables: Les McCann, 'sec 328 TV 2:00pm: Channel 7 Special Movie "lhe Clowns" Laurel & llardy and Buster Keaton Ch. 7 EVENTS ANN ARBOR U of M PTP presents "I he Sunshme Boys, see 328 DETROIT Chüdren's Theatre, 2ptn :it the larlh Center, iiiüü m Moon in Sagittarius MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Film Co-op: "Juliet of the Spirits" (Fcllini) 9pm, $1.25 HRF l-ilm Benefit: 7 & 9:2Opm. "All the King's Men." Huey Long in Lousiana. At the Matrix llieatre (old Mark's Coffeehousë, 605 E. William). S2 donation. MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig: Blue Monday with Boogie Woogie Red, 9:3Opm, $1 (downstairs only), blues Chances Are: Lightnin', íípm, r&r Mr. Flood's Party: Stitlhouse Stfing Band, 9:3Opm. no cover Pretzel Bell: Diamond Rio, 9ptn, $1. c&w YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Litllc Rubén & the Average American Band. se 330 Suds Factory: Ketch. 9:30pm, 5()!, r&r DETROIT The l-'.arth Center: Folk music, 'tpm. open ,iuditions. Jl E. LANSING Lizard's: Friends Rod Show, 9:3Opm, mime, magtc, r&r Stables: Eric Anderson, 8:3(1 & l0:30pm, folk EACH ONL G1VE : U of M Smdent Blood Bank. March 31, 11-5 ünion Baliroom; April 1 , 1 1-5 Union Ballroom; April 2, 1 1-5 Union Ballroom; April 3, 1 1-5 Andcrson Room in the Union; April 4. 1 I -5 place to be announced. We need your blood. Questions? Cali 994-0237 DETROIT Or.sanic Gardemna class: learn to grow produce without the use of harmtul cltemicals. 7pm at the Earth Cenier, free EVENTS ANN ARBOR Colloquium; "Latín Amencans in Struuale": Workshops on Latín American Women in Strugglt, wiih Suni Paz, Argenüne artistTimè& place to be announced, 663-1 1 1 1 luture Worlds Lecture Series presentí Jean ilouston on "New Ways of Being: Coasciüiisness and its Transformation." (Altered States of Consciousness, Imagistic & Mytliopoetic thinking, Synestheasías jhearínj; color and seeing sound] , time distortion, accelerated mental process and modalities of the creative process) 8pm in Hill Auditorium Day Care Demonstratief! at City Council, 8;30pm Moon in Sagittarius APRIL FOOL-SDAY On this dav in 1832: Bureau of Indian Affairs formed on this date. It was a part of the War Dept. at that time. In 1866: U.S. Congress passes Civil Rights Bill that gives equal rights to all persons born in t the U.S.A. excepting Native Americans. In 1965: Vietnamese National Liberation Front (NLFI issues 5-point plan reaffirming determination to fight U.S. agression, libérate the South, protect the North. MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor FünfCo-op: "Gomg Places" (Hertrand Blier) 7 & 9, $1.25 Cinema Guild: "PotemkuT (Sergei Eiserotein) 7pm. Si. "Srarface" (Howard Hawks) 9:US . si Indochina Peace Campaign 1 il in Senos: "What's üp Doe?" (Peter Bogdanovich) 7 & 9. SI. 25 Now World Film Co-op; "Slaughterhouse 5" (Vonncgut) Nat. Sci. 7 & 9. SI. 25 contínued on page 32 i TMMWBBt continued from page 31 ( VPS1LANTI Classic 1 ilm Series: "The Dragon Murder Case" 11935) Hpm in Strong Auditorium, 25 MUSIC ANN ARBOK Chances Are: Bob Seger and Lightnin' 9pm, advance tickeK $3.50, r&r Mr. Flood'j Party: Gemini, 9:3Opm. nu cover YPSILANTI Huron Hideajvay: 2 ju?? bands, Infinity and ariother to ceiebrate lestivities ol the Ann Arbor Hush Bash. 8pm-2am. Put on by Infinity Productions Suds I actury: Ketch, see 331 DETROIT Bakcr's Keyboard: Ted Baker. 9:30, 1 1:15 & 1 S3. 50, jazz Raven Gallery: Jonathan Round, 9 :3Ü& 10:30 $3, folk E. LANS1NG Brewery : Chick Corea, 2 shows, S4. jazz Lizard's: Country I i red wAlan Lee, 9:30pm, c&w Stables: Eric Anderson, see 331 TV 7pm: A legislativo report trom Ferry Bullard Cable 3 lOpm: Soundstafe "Yes We CanCan" the Pointer Sisters. Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR HASH BASH on the Diag beginning al noon. The I -rieiuls Roadshow ill bc there nh the "Underweai OJympics" and an "tpg loss." Also Peachy Cream Theatie Prodöctmns wil) bc there. Latin Americans ín Strugglc Colloquium: Workshops on Chile with C'laire Beainillc. I rench socioloinst involved witli workei-run t'actorics in Chile; and Amy Congcr, American historian, itnprisoned and tortured by military junta. I mie ii. place 663-1 1 1 1 Reyncr Banham, Brilish architectura) historian will speak on "The Magnificent Imagtnation' Man &. Megastnieture" 3:30pm BtChrydet Center Auu., Bonistee] Btvd., Nurth Campus YPSILANT1 Julián Bond, civil riylits leader and currently a Geotgian Staic Senator will speak on "Changing the Color of Politics" 8pm. Pease Auditorium, I Ml DETROIT "Clüropractory and How to Sell' Apply" lccturer Dr. Leit'son. 7:3Opm at the Earth Center Ballroom, tico Moon in Sagittarius then in Capricom 6:09am MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guüd: "Potemkin" see 41. "White Heat" (Raoul Walsh) 9:05. SI New World Film Co-op: "Between Time & Timbuktii" (Vonnegut) Nat. Sci. 7 & 9 SI. 25. "Malcolni " MLB3, 7:15 & 9 SI. 25 (m cooporation with I riemk ol ihc Aan Arbor SUN) YPS1LANTI Mud Cinema: "Bank Dick" and "Ncver Give A Sucker an Even Break" vvith W.C. lïelds, 7&9:15, $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Hooi night, 9pm, 75, folk Bimbo's on the HUI: Foreplay, 8pm, no cover. r&r Blind Pig: Otherside, 9:3Opm, $1 (downstairs only) jazz Chances Are: Stephen Miiler & the Linn Counly Band, 9pm, $2 Golden Falcon: Iris Bell, 9:3Opm, no cover Mr. l'lood's Party: Grevious Angels, 9:30pm, 75(t. c&w Pretzel Bell: Starlight on the Rails. 9pm, $1 c&w YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Red Bye Express, 9:30pm. SI, r&r Suds Factory: Ketch, stt 331 DETROIT Buker's Keyboard: Tcd Baker, see 41 Poor Women's Paradise Coffeehouse: Open mikes tor womea, K-l lpm, peasant lunch avaüable Raven Gattery: Jonathan Round, sec 41 Red Carpe) Lounge: Secret Ufe, 9:3()pm, $1 r&r Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, 8:30pm, $1. r&r Sfables: ííric Anderson. sec 331 EVENTS DETROIT Tai Chi (advanced) 6:30-8pm. Instructor Mark English ut the Ennh Center, tree Kundaüni Yoga, 8pm, instructor Mr. Warner at the l'arth Center, $1 THIffiSDflS 3 Moon in Capricom MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema (Uiild: "(iticn Kjnc" (Orson Welles) 7&9:15,$1 Indochina Peace Campaign Film Series: "Don't Look Now" (Nicholas Roeg) and "Performance" (Mike Jagger) 994-9041 for times. Women's Studies Film Series: "Womcn's Liberation" ABC News covers the women's movement induding 1971 takeover of Ladies Home Journal, "Fear Woman" - 3 powerful women of Ghana tell about theix work and life. 8pm, MLB1, free YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Three Stooges Festival" 8pm $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Benefit for thc l'ree People's Clinic featuring Dede Palazola, The Aging Children, 9pm, $1.50, folk Bimbo's on the Hill: Foreplay, see 42 Blind Pig: Spectrum, 9:30, $1 (downstairs only) i.i Chances Are: Steve Miller & thc Linn County Band, see 42 Golden Falcon: Iris Bell, 9:30pm, $1 Mr. lïood's Party: Mike Smith & his Country Volunteers, 9:30pm, 154 Prelzel Bell, RDS Boys, 9pm, $1, bluegrass YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Red l'ye Express, see 42 Pease Auditorium: the EMU Jazz Ensemble 8pm Suds Factory: Ketch, see 331 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Ted Baker, seo 41 The Earth Center: Detroit jazz & blues benefit weckend: The Coppland Johnson Blues Band. 8pm, S2 Raven Gailcry: Jonathan Round, see 41 Red Carpet Lounge: Secret Life, see 42 Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, see 42 E. LANSING The Brewcry: Chick Corea, 2 shows, $4, jazz Lizard's: Hickoiy Wind, 9:3Oprn Stables: GS Scott-Heron, 8:30 & 10:30, jazz, EVENTS ANN ARBOR Latin Americans in Struggle Colloquium: "The Peruvian Approach to Chance" with Julio Cotler, Peruvian social scientist, UNAM. Time place 663-11 I I DETROIT Tai Chi (beginner's) 6:30-8pm at the 1 aitil Center, free Moon in Capricorn then in Aquarius 4:46pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: Czech Festival: "Intünate Lighting" (Ivan Passer) 7 & lüpm. SI. "Black Peter" (Milos Forman) Ann Arbor premiere, 8:3Opm, $1 Cinema 11: "Red Desert" (Michelangelo Antonnioni) 7& 9pm, $1.25 Mediatrics: "Dr. Zhivago" 7 & lOpm, Si YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Duck Soup" and "Monkey Business" with Marx Bros. 7 & 9:30, SI DETROIT Detroit lilni Theatrc 111: "Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me" (Francpis Trauffaut) 7 & 9. $2 (students $1.50) E. LANSING Old Time Movie Series: "Adam's Rib" with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn 7&9:ISpm in107 S. Kedzie Hall, MSU, $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Michael Cooney, 9pm $2.50, tolk Bimbo's AA: Banjo Sina Alone Band, 5(V. 8pm Bimbo's on tin; Hill: Foreplay, 8:30pm, no cover, r&r Blind Pig: Silvertones, 9:30pm, SI, rhythm and twtng Chances Are: Dr. Bop & the Headliners, 9pm, $2.5d studeatt, S3 regula Golden Falcon: Iris Bell, see 43 Hill Lounge: Shades of tiltie. 9:3Opm, r&r Mr. Flood's Party: Mike Smitli & Hts Country Volunteers, 4-7pm, tree. North County Grass Hand, 9:30pni. SI . bluegrass Pret.el Bell: RFD Boys. lOpm. $1.50, bluegiass Ruhaiyat: We The People. ?:30pm, no cover YPSILANT1 Bimbo's: l.ittle Ruben & Average American Band, 9:30pm, SI. 50. r&r Suds lactory: Keten, 9:30pm, $1, r&r DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Ted Baker. see4l fhe l-.arth Center: Mulü-Media benefit with BoBo Jcnkins. Films "African Music" and "Blues" 8 & 1 1 pm, $2. Proceeds go to the Belle lsle Blues [estival (August) Raven Gallery: Jonathan Round, 9:30 & 1 1 :30 $3, tolk Red Carpet Lounge: Secret Lite, 9:30, $1.50 r&r Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, see t2 E. LANS1NG l.izard's: Hickory Wind, see 43 Stables: Gil Scott-Heron, 10 & 12pm, jazz TV 9:30pm: Legacy of a Dream. Documentary on Martin Luther King. Ch. 7 lam: Rock Concert wíth Yes, David Fssex, Jimi Hendriv, l ania All-Stars, Brian Codd and Rush.Ch. 7 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Latín Americans in Struggle Colloquium: "Politics and Society in Latín America" !wo-day discussion. Guillermo Ö'Donneil, "The Politica! Economy of Bureaucratie Authoritarian States." "The Political Impact of Multinational Corporations." 7:30 ai Rackham's Kast Lecture Hall. University Dancers in Concert, 8pm at the Power Center, $2,50, 764-6273 Day Care Fight lntiation Luncheon and Press Conference fea turing education and critic John Holt (author of How Children I ail, How Children Learn and Escape From Childliood). To support the Day Care Charter Amendment. Menu: cornbread, beans, rice and greens. 75? minimum donation; money desperateh needed. Checks aceepted. At the Methodist Church Social Hall (corner of State and Huron). Please join iis. MARCH AGA1NST THF WAR-TOTHE ROTC BLDG. Begins at Noon on the Diag UofM Law School presents the documentary film "The Murder of Fred Hampton" and speakers: Lawyers Malt Piers and Jeff Haas who ork in the People's Law Office in Chicago. Legal worker Diane Rappaport who works on the Fait Jury Project of Ilie Hampton suit. I ree admission; donations to help uith the Hampton snit will bc ri quested. Spotuored by the National LawsGuild, Ann Arbor ('h;ip!cr In room IO(i of Hutcluns Hall, UofM l.av, School Babysittins al the CCC, 7pm-lam. ISilht 663-4392 YPS1LANTI Ypsi Players Dinner Theatre presents"The Prisoncr of Second Avenue" see 328 " 1 lic L;tst Poets" an institution in the black eommunity, 8pm in Pease Auditorium EMU %2 students, S3 general admission The Music Stand in Bcrkley. Michigan is sponsoring the first annual Midwest Guitar I estival. It you play and sing. hcre is your chance to compete with ethers ín the midwest. Here's how it works. Drop in at the Music Stand on Twelve Milc between Greenfield and Coolidge and register for the Midwest Guitar Festival. Pries inchide bookings at the Railroad Crossing, the Colonial Lounge and the Back Seat, plus guitars and other ptizes. The Midwest Guitar Festival April 4, S and 6th. Cali 5432330 for more information. Judges: Hert) Cohen (Raven Galiery), Tim Rice (Gail & Rice Booking), Ron Coden (Railroad Crossing), i'ree admission. Moon in Aquarius MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema. Guild: Czech Festival: "The Wilches Hammer" Ann Arbor premiere. 7 &. 9:05 SI Cinema II: "Dodes "Ka-tien" (Akira Kurosawa) Ann Arbor premiere, 7 & 9:30. SI. 25 Medi,itric: "Dr. Zhivago" see 44 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Lady Sings the Blues" 7 & 9:30, 5.1.50 DKTROIT Detroit 1 i i m Theatre III: "The Emigran ts" (Jan Troell) 7 & 9:45. %2 (students SI. 5(1 E. LANSING Old Time Movie Series: "Adam's Rib" 7 & 9:15 in the Union Parlor's, MSI MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Michad Cooney, sec 4 1 Bimbo's AA: Banjo Band, sea : Bimbo's on the Hill: I oreplaj . e 4.4 Blind Pig: Silverlonos. see 4 4 ( hances Are Dr. Bop Ji. the Headliners, see 4 4 Golden l-'alcon: Iris Heli, see 4 ! Hill Lounge: Shades of Blue. see 4 '4 Mi Flood's Party: StonQ Creck, 9:3Opm, SI Pretel Bell: Ril) Boys, see 4 4 Rubaiyat: We Ihe l'cople. sec 4,4 YPS1LANTI Bimbo's: l.ittle Ruben and the Average American Band, see 44 Suds 1 actory: Ketch, see 4 4 DETROIT Bakers Keyboard: red Baker, se The Earth ('enter: Multi-Media Benefit, see 44 Raven Gullen: Jonalhan Round, see t 4 Red Carpe! Lounge: Secret Lite, see 44 Rock & Roil Farm: Sunshinc. see 42 Henry Ford Community College: Mana Muldaur and Old Buck, Kpm al HFCC Athletic Bldg. lickets 5 al all Hudson's. Dearborn Musa and HFCC Info (enter. Olympia: Aliee Cooper, sold out. E. LANS1NG Lizard's: Hickory Wind. sei Stables: (lil Scott-Hcron. see 44 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Latin Americans in Stniggle Colfoquium: "Policy-Making in Authoritarian States" Phillippe Schmitter. IO:3Oarn m Rackham's I ast Conference Room. Cortee served. "Patterns of Mobilization in Authortlarian States" 1 :30prn in Rackham's Last Conf Room. Univeráty Dancéis in Concert, 2.0 & Kpm Power Center, matinee il .50, eve $2.50 Babyatfiflg at theCCC 7pm-lam, 75sfhr. 663-4392 YPSILANTI Ypsi Players Dtltner Theatre presents "I Ik Pri.soner ol'Setond Avenue" John Barth, distinguished American author, will be featured speaker al EMU Writers' Conference. 2:3Opm, Rm. 204, PrayH.irold, EMU Slüiiü ê Moon in Aquarius MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: Ceeh [estival: "A Report on the Party and the Guesis'" 7 & 9:05. Si Cinéma II: The Knack and How to Gel It" (Richard I ester) 7 .ü 9, II YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "I.adv Sin's the Blues," see 4 4 E. LANSING Old Time Movle Series: 'Adam's Rib" 2, 7 & 9:15 In Union Ballroom MSU. SI continued on page 34 continuad from page 33 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Michael Cooney, see 44 Bimbo's AA: New McKinney Cotton Pickers, Ipm, $3, jazz. Banjo Sing Along Band. 8pm no cover Blind Pig: Classical music, 9:3Opm, SI (downstairs only) Del Rio: Live jazz in the afternoon Dooley's: Live jazz, 8pm, no cover Golden Ealcon: Iris Bell, 9:3Opm, no cover Mr. Flood's Party: Melidosis, 4pm, $04, Latín jazz, Starlight on the Rails, 9:30pm, 154 Union Ballroom: Gct Out ihe Vote Marathon prcsented by the Friends of the Peoplc's Ballroom. Featuring Daddy G & his Nighltrain, Rabbits, Mixed Bag, Mojo Boogie Band. the Silvertones, Diamond Reo, play at 5pm till midnight. Tickets $2.50 YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Little Rubén & thc Averaec American Band, 9:3Opm, $l,r&r Pease Auditorium EMU: String Ensemble,, 8pm Hurón Hotel & Lounge: Synergy. 9:3Opm, jazz DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Ted Baker, see 41 The Earth Center: Live jazz, 6-1 Opm, free Poor Women's Paradise Coffeehouse: Live ja 2-5pm Raven Gallcry: Jonathan Round, see 44 Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, see 42 Masonic Auditorium: Ranisey Lewis Jazz Show with Ranisey Lewis, Eddie llarris and Millie Jackson, 8pm. Tickets $7, 6 & 5 at Hudson's Grinnetl's and Masonic B.O. E. LANSÏNG Uz.ard's: Hickory Wind, see 43 Stabtes: Eddie Harris, 8:3O& 10:3üpm, jazz EVENTS ANN ARBOR Univcrsity Dancers in Concert, 2:30pm at the Poer Center, SI. SO DETROIT Children's Theatre. füois and entertainment, 2pm at thc Earth Center, 5()i Moon in Aquarius then ín Pisces 5: 17am Mozambican Women's Day commemorating the death of comrade Josina Machel ELECTION DAY - VOTE THE CREEPS OUT! MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blmd Pig: Boogie Woogie Red, 9:30pm, $1 (downstairs only), blues Mr. Flood's Party. Stillhouse String Band, 9:30 no cover Pretzel Bell: Diamond Rio, 9pm, $1 , e&w Union Ballroom: The Friends of the Arm Aïbot SUN present Gil Scott-Heron, 2 shows 8 & 10:30pm. Tickets $4 availabie at the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor SUN. both Discount Records. Michigan Union, Bonzo's Dog House Records, Wherehouse Records in Ypsi. YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Little Ruben & the Average American Band, see 46 Suds Factory: Cross Fire, 9:3Opm, 5W, r&r DETROIT Ford Auditorium: Golden Earring and the James Gang, $6.S0, 5.50 & 4.50 TV 7pm:lnterview with Gil Scotl-Heron and the Midnight Band. Scott-Heron, poet, npvelist, musician and teacher talksabout his life, his multiple careers and the revolulionaiy message uf his music. Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Latín Americans in Struggle Colloquium: "Conflict Between Indigenous People's and Dominant Cultures" Gonzalo Castillo, Colombian politica! scientist. Time & place 663-11 11 Moon in Pisces MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Film Co-op: "Satyricon" (Felliai) 7 & 9:30, $1.25 Cinema Guild: "Grand lliusion" (Jcan Ronoir) 7pm, $1. "Golddiggers of "35" (Busby Berkek-y) ?:0S, $1 New World Film Co-op: "Ten Day.s Wonder" Nat. Sci.,7 &9. $1.25 YPSILANTI Classic film Series: "The World Chanaes" (1933) 8pm in Strong Auditorium, 25tl MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig: Anri Arbor Experimental Jazz 9:30pm, SI (downstairs only) jazï Chances Are: Ten High, 9:3Opm, r&r Mr. Flood's Part : Pete Karne's Blues Band 9:30pm, 75 YPSILANT1 Holy Triniiy Chape! EMO: EMU Madrigal Singers eivc a concert in costume. 8pm Suds Fadory: Cross l'irc. se 47 DETROIT Uakcr's Keyboard: Grove Holmes. 9:30. 11:15 & lam, $3.5ü, jazz Raven Gallery: Jonathan Round, 9:30 & 10:30 $3, folk Olynipia: Alice Cooper Show with Susie Quatro 7.50, 6.50 & 5.50 E. LANSING Lizard's: Country Fried wAtan Lee, 9:30pm Stables: Eddie Harns, see 4 TV lOpm: Soundstage: "Arlo's Gang" ArloGuthrie Steve Goodman and Hoyt Axton. Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Latin Americans in Struggle Colloquium: "Conflict Between Indigenous Peoples and Dominant Cultures," see 47 l0E9flieS992P f Moon in Pisces then in Aries 5:45pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Film Co-op: "Casablanca" wBogart 7. 9. $1.25 Cinema Guild: "Grand Jllusion" (Jean Renoir) 7pm, $1 New World Film Co-op: "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" Nat. Sci., 7 & 9:15, $1.25 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "The Last Detail" 7 & 9, $1 VOTE i ""irfflLÍBBBIflffly MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Hoot Night, 9pm, 7Stf folk Chances Are: Ten High. see 48 Bimbo's on the Hill: Live entertainment, 8pni no cover, r&r Blind Pig: Othersidc, 9:30pm, SI (downslairs only) jazz Golden Faleon: Iris Bell. 9:30pm, no cover Mr 1 lood 's Party: Grcvious Angels, 9:30pm, ISi Pretzel Bell; Stariight on the Rails, 9pm, $1, c&w YPSILANTl Bimbo's: Skip Van Winkle, 9:3Opm, r&r Suds Kactory: Cross Rre. see 47 DETROIT Bakei's Keyboard: Grove Holmes, see 48 Poor Women's Paradise Coffeehouse: Open mikes for women. 8-1 tpm, peasant lunch available. Raven Gallery: Jonathan Round, see 48 Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, g:30, $1, r&r Stabies: Eddie Hairis, see 47 muisiii ra Moon n Aries On this day in 1970: U.S. starts bombing Cambodia MOV! ES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Film Co-op: "Pather Panchali" 7 & 9, $1.25 Cinema Guild : "The Crowd" King Vidor) 7pm $1. "Moulin Rouge" (John Houston) 9:05 $1 Women's Studies Film Series: "Emerging Woman" Documents history of women in U.S. showing sex, race and class influentes. (Produced by Women's Film Project Inc.) "Sylvia, Pran & Joy" 3 young middle-ciass women represent different choices of farrtily life. 8pm, YPSILANT1 Mud Cinema: "The Last Detail" see 49 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Jay Stilstra and John Norton, 9pm, SI. 50, folk Chances Are: Ten High, see 48 Bimbo's on the Hill: see 39 Blind Pig: Old Buck. 9:3üpm, Si (downstairs only) Golden Falcan; Iris Bell, 9:30pm, SI Mr. Flood's Party: Pete Karne's Blues Band. 9:30pm, 75 Pret?.el Bell: RI-D Boys, 9pm, SI, bluegrass YPS1LANT1 Bimbo's: Skip Van Winkle, sce 49 SuJs lactory: Cross I ire, see 47 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Grove Holmes, see 48 Raven Gallery: Jonathan Round, see 48 Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, see 49 E. LANSING Lizard's: Bryan Lee Blues Bami. 9:30. blues Stabies: Eddie Harris. see 47 ÊVENTS ANN ARBOR Latín Americans in Struggle Colloquium. Spanish-speakmg groups in the United Stales: "Migrant Workers in Michigan" Time& place HU mum ii Moon in Aries MOVÍ ES ANN ARBOR Ann Arboi" lilm Co-op: "Reëler Madness" and "The Cocaine Coxnedy" MLB4. SI. 25 Cinema Guild: "Showboat" (Georee Sidne) ) 7 & 9:05. SI Cinema 11: "Day lor Night" (Francote I'ruftaut) 7 & 9:15, $1.25 Mediatries: "The Harrad Experiment" 7:30 & 9:30, $1 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "The Last Detail" sec 49 DETROIT CassCity Cinema: "Casablanca" (Michael Curtiz) wHumphrey Bogan, 7 & 9:30, $1.50 Detroit Film Theatre III: "The Harder They Come" (Perry Henzell) 7 & 9, $2 (students $1.50) E. LANSING Oíd Time Movie Series: "Go West" wMarx Brothers, 7 & 9:15 in B 104 Wells Hall MSÜ $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Fenning All Star String Band, 9pm, $2.50, folk Chances Are: Ten High, see 48 Hili Lounge: Flamingo Hotel, 9:30pm, r&r Bimbo's AA: Banjo Sing Along Band, 8pm, 50 Bimbo's on the Hili: Live entertainment, 8:30 no cover, r&r Blind Pig: Synergy, 9:30pm, $1, jazz Golden Falcon: Iris Bell, see 410 Mr. Flood's Party: Mike Smith & his Country Volunteers, 4-7pm, free. Silvertones, 9:30 $1, swing r&b Pretzel Bell: RFD Boys, 10pm, $1.50,.bluegrass Rubaiyat: We The People, 9:3Opm, no cover YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Sunshine, 9:3Opm, $1.50, r&r Suds Factory: Cross Fire, 9:3Opm, $1, r&r DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Grove Holmes, see 48 Poor Women's Paradisc Cofí'eehouse: Raven Gallery : Jonathan Round, 9:30 & 1 1 :30 $3, folk Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, see 49 E. LANSING Lizard's: Bryan Lee Blues Band, sec 410 Stables: Eddie Harás, 10 & 1 2pm, jazz EVENTS ANN ARBOR Lecture: "The Audible icon: Indian Music& Miniature Painting" Dr. Harold Powers, Dept. of Music, Princelon Univ. 4pm, Rm 203 Tappan Hall. (Jointly sponsored by Center for South & Southeast Asían Studies, History of Art & Humanities) BabysittinE at the CCC, 7pm-lam, 75hr. 663-4392 YPSILANTI Petcr Plagens, California painier and critic will speak on "To Polar TraditionsAssemblage and Reductfve Sensibilities," Ipm, Sill Leeture HaJJ 1, MI "Winterthing" a Theatre of the Young Production by the EMU Players, 8pm in Quirk Auditorium EMU, $2.50 1 MU Open Workshop present one-act opera "Captain Lovelock" and scènes trom "1 a Bohème" and "l'ausi" 8pm, Rooseveti Auditorium, FMU Moon in Aries then in Taurus 4:54am MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema C.uild : "Dames" Busby Berkeley) 7pm, SI. 'The Gay Divorcee" (Mark Sandrich)9:05, SI Cinema II: "l)a lor Night" see 41 1 Mediatncs: 'The Harrad Experiment" see 41 1 New WorlU Ffli Co-op: "The Boyfriend" (Russell) Ml B3. 7 & 9:15, $1.25. "The Music lovers" (Ruoeü) MLB4. 7 & 9:15 SI.2S YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Hxeeutivc Actmn" s conttoverstel view of Kennedy' assassination, 7 &9, SI DETROIT CasN City Cinema: "Paths of Glory" (Stanley Kubrick)7&9:30, $1.50 Detroit Film Theatre III: "The New Land (Jan Trucll) 7 ft 9:45. $2 (studcnts $1.50) E. LANSING Old Time Movie Series: "Go West," sec 41 1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Colïeehouse: Fennmg All Star String Band, see 4 1 1 Bimbo's AA: Banjo Sing Along Band, see 41 1 Blind Pig: Synergy, see 41 1 Chances Are: Ten High, see 48 Hill Lounge: Flamingo Hotel, e 41 1 Golden Falcon: Iris Bell, see 410 Mr. lïood's Party: Silvertones, 9:30pm, $1 Pretzel Bell: RFD Boys, se 41 1 Rubaiyat: We The People, see 41 1 YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Sunshine, see 41 1 Pease Auditorium'. Composers' Forum concert 8pm Suds Faotory: Cross 1-ire. see 41 1 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Grove Holmes, see 48 Poor Women's Paradise C'otïeehousc : Raven Gallery: Jonathan Round, see 41 1 Rock & Roll Farm: Sunshine, see 49 E. LANSING LizardY Bryan Lee Blues Band, see 410 Stables: Eddie Harris, see 41 1 EVENTS ANN ARBOR The CommuBity Pre-School Health Project will present a free children's health fair at the Arbor Park Nursery, 3200 Braeburn Cirde. On-site immunization, visión and hearing assessments, oral examination, nutritional assessments, counseling, physicals, lab tests & free follow-up care PLUS cartoons, filmstrips, day care activitics. Babysit tim: ai the CCC, 7pm-lam, 75hr 663-4392 YPSILANTI "Winterthing" a theafre of the Young Prodiklion, 2 & 8pm. see 41 1 l-"MU Opera Workshop prcscnts one-act opera "Captain txiWlock" sec 41 1 Minoiity Expo, a benefit to raise scholarship fundi, foatuers arts and crafts ofethnïc minorities, noon-7pm al Bowen Field Hse.