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Fbi Removed From Panther Suit

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Federal Judge Samuel Perry in Chicago haa removed FBI ugenls and other federal officials as defendants in a S47-million damage suit filed by survivors of the Illinois Black Panther Party The suit was filed on behalf of former BPP members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark who were cut down by pólice during an early morning raid on the Panther ottice in Chicago in 1 969. Hampton and Clark were killed by a tussiladeof pólice bulléis as they lay in bed. Il was later learned that the FBI Iml provided raiding pólice with a detailej floor plan of the Panther's apartment The floor plan had been drawn up bv an FBI undercover informer William O'Neal who was being secret] y paid by the FBI ' to act as the Panther's "Chief of Securitv " The Hampton and Clark families claim that the FBI was working with the Chicago pólice in a plan to execute Black Pan ther leaders. Their suit charges that the raid was part of the FBI's "Cointel-Pro" operation-a secret program coordinated personally by J. Edgar Hoover to destrov and disrupt activist groups. Judge Perry, however, has removed the FBI and all other federal offieials as defendants in the suit. The judge ruled that the suit was growing "too complicated"Perry ruled that only city and county pölice will remain as defendants. Attorneys for Hampton and Clark say they will appeal the decisión.