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Be an April Fool and attend Free Juggling lessons on the diag, across from Kresge's, every Tuesday & Thursday during April 3pm to 5pm, starting April 1st. Try to supply your own balls, tennis or rubber. For more info, contact Mesha at 665-5443. Advanced jugglers welcomed. [4/25]

Split the city scene this summer. Join a summer community of high school people; freedom, responsibility, fun. Write Innisfree, Maple City, Michigan 49664 [4/11]

NEW CHINA new quarterly magazine, lively, reliable, color photography, artwork on the People's Republic of China, Subscribe $4 to NEW CHINA, 41 Union Square West, Room 1228, New York, New York 10003 [4/11]

Children's Community Center has openings for children 2 1/2-10. Tuition rate dependent on involvement. Social service reimbursement available for those who qualify. Half-time or full-time. Call Annie, 663-4392

Commercial-free rock and jazz from E. Lansing: Audio Aftermath 11pm-2am Mon-Fri & Gary Laehn's Jazz 10pm-2am Sundays on WKAR-FM 90.5 on the dial. [4/11]


Astrologers Michael and Margaret Erlewine, publishers CIRCLE BOOKS ASTROLOGICA!. CALENDAR (eleven years experience). Charts cast $3.00 (natal, sidereal or heliocentric). Also personal readings, classes. Call 663-6677, Michael and Margaret Erlewine, c/o The Heart Center, 1041 N. Main, Ann Arbor, Ml, 48104. [4/11]

Dixboro Cooperative Nursery School has openings for three and four year old boys and girls for the fall term. They meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:15am-11:15am. The nursery school is at Dixboro Methodist Church, 5221 Church St. in Dixboro. For more information call: Dorothy Conway 487-9233 [4/11]

Astrologer-Bill Albertson, Natal Charts interpretations, progressions, birth control charts, classes, private lessons. Call 483-1954 [4/11]

Children's Community Center has opening for half-time starting August 1 child-care, alternative education. Call Annie, 663-4392 [4/11]

Revive vital body functions to insure good health, through acupressure massage technique. Please call Michael 662-7426 after 6 p.m. (4/11)

Children's Community Center has regular Fri. and Sat. nite child care for ages 2 1/2 to 7. Hours 7 PM to 1 AM, Rates: $0.75 per hr., $0.50 per hr. second child. Movies, games and other children to play with. Would be appreciated if you brought snack and a blanket. Parents: have a night out -the kids will! For reservations call 663-4392


For sale French 10-speed bicycle simplex derailer, Mafac brakes $45. Brad Smith 663-4836. [4/11]

For Sale: Gibson SG Custom-1968. Super fast action Fender-like neck-two humbucking pickups, like brand new. Call Doug at 668-8606. [4/11 ]

Sunn Concert Lead Amp with 6-10" speakers. $450. 994-5249. [5/23]

FOR SALE 1 1/2 year-old female St. Bernard, best reasonable offer - all shots up to 1976. Weighs 170 Ibs. Call Nancy at 485-7961. [4/11]

Ludwig Drum set, clear tinted red, double mounted toms and three floor toms. Ask for Ron 994-5253 anytime after 8pm. [4/11]

Gibson J-40 flat-top guitar with hard-shell case $250 or best offer. Armstrong silver flute, open holed keys $300. Joe at 481-0299 (4/11)

3-speed Bicycle for sale. New handlebars, new seat and touring bag, includes Heavy duty chain, lock and key. $40. Cali Buzz at 994-0621 [4/11]


Looking to buy or swap rock 45's especially local Michigan records. Dick Rosemont 939 Burcham East Lansing 48823 (517) 351-2593 [4/11 ]


Sublet furnished one-bedroom apartment in large house. Has warmth and character. Pets allowed. Call 663-7213. [4/11]

Sublet big six-bedroom house in quiet Ann Arbor residential area. May to August. $330 negotiable. Call 663-9142 [/411]

For Rent- 3-year old home, 6 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, large double garage with door opener, pool, large yard, full basement, beautiful! 25 miles from A2, just off Tecumseh-Clinton Road. Rental value would outprice the market. Phone 423-7535 for appointment and make offer. 4140 Billingham Drive [4/11]

SUBLET: 3-bedroom Apt. in old house, 2-minute walk to Free Bursley Baits bus. $240month, 1660 Broadway No. 2 665-8064. [4/11 ]

Room for rent in 5-bedroom cooperative house. $80 plus Utilities, 219 W. Kingsley, No lease, no deposit. Call 994-3363, and talk to John or Larry. (4/11)

Studio cubicle for drafting, drawing or other clean, quiet work requiring ample table space. State Street. $30-80, depending on size, Dick 665-9358. noon-midnight. [4/11]

ROOMMATES WANTED Two male upperclassmen needed to share on campus apartment for fall. Modern, bi-level, utilities, parking, laundry, and more 763-1694. [4/11 ]


Children's Community Center has opening for half-time teaching position fulltime starting August 1 for child-care, alternative education. Call Annie, 663-4392 [4/11]

Drummer wanted for female rock band now forming. Feminist oriented but into playing just good music. Call Kris 994-0156 after 6pm. [4/11]

Career opportunity for those who want to get back to the land. We need lively, hard-working individuals to work for a prospering new company. This is your chance to realize your dreams. Send your name, address, phone number and social security number to Michael Nottoli, 910 Greene, Ann Arbor, Ml, 48104. [4/11]

Needed for research project; interview with prostitute. Call after 6pm 481-1692 or 481-0951 [4/11]


Reeking - wet shit is beautiful. We will shovel the shit or rotten mulch out of your barn in exchange for the same old shit. 994-2104 or 994-5704. [4/11]

Swap or accept free- I would like to learn to play banjo, so would like a banjo to learn on please. Susan, 662-5873 [4/11]

You can run free & swap items free in this column!

Free puppies, 7 weeks old. Call 662-6423 between 3 and 6, ask for Judy. [4/11]


Want to write a Prisoner? Gary at the SUN office has numerous prisoner letters with personal histories, interests and other information to help you. Letters from brothers and sisters on the street keeps prisoners in touch with reality and makes the time easier. The SUN will send subscriptions to prisoners and military personnel at half price. If you want to subscribe for a prisoner write to the SUN and we'll make arrangements. Prisoners: We've still got free Jailhouse Lawyer's Manuals. Write us.

Mr. Nathan Rowland 132227 Michigan Reformatory Lock Box 500 lonia. Ml 48846

Bob Wolf Box B-32954 Florence, Arizona 85232

Larry Ricks Box 57-136-315 Marion, Ohio 43302

Don Beyer No. 85795 P.O. Box 788 Mansfield, Ohio 43302

R. F. Crank, Jr. Box 888 No. 00641 Ashland, Kentucky, 41102

Peter lafrate 130516; PO Box 500; lonia Ml

Tony Aloi, No. 139-801; Marion Correctional Inst.; Box 57; Marion OH 43302

Melvin L. Posey 138-920; PO Box 69; London OH 43140

Rolland W. Jolly, No. 140-584; PO Box 69; London OH 43140

P.C. Miller, No. 138-401; PO Box E; Jackson Ml 49204

Charles Sanders, No. 135714; PO Box E; Jackson Ml 49204

Larry Ricks; Box 57-136-315; Marion OH 43302

Richard W. Osborn; Resident No. 134-399; PO Box 69; London OH 43140

James LaVerne Smith, No. 138-994; PO Box 69; London OH 43140

Richard Reed, No. 132252; Box 69; London OH 43140

Sonny Korbel, No. 9417-147; Box 1000; Sandstone, Minn. 55072

Marion H. Williams No. 13993 Post Office Box 69 London, Ohio 45104


Help Tuscon follow your leadership! We need your support now-Commemorate the University of Arizona's first step towards decriminalization. Birchwood Pipe Issue $1.50 contribution- STUDENT FIRST STEP (newspaper), S.U. 105, University of Arizona 85721 [4/11]


I am a human being in south-central Pennsylvania in need of a female person to marry me. I am alone, and I am desperate. I cannot engage in the normal preliminaries to matrimony because of clinical depression, or "failure syndrome." I am extremely apprehensive in the presence of marriageable female persons, and have a fear of rejection you would not believe. This fear is so intense that I often seem to ignore people totally, when in fact, these very people are the ones I want to share my life with so very much. There have been god knows how many instances of this happening, and each time, the fear of rejection becomes more monstrous. Just one success in my life will cure me of this horrible ailment, just one. l've got to know that somebody out there really cares, if not for me personally, then at least for a fellow human being in serious trouble, in danger of taking his own life. I am 26, pleasant to look at, work damned hard, have a job I like a lot, and need only a wife for happiness. I love to share with people and do things for them. Now, when somebody needs just one of you people, won't you please do something for me? At least try it for a year or so. Maybe you'll even find a happiness you didn't even know you were looking for. I hope so. Rob't B. Binkley, 148 East Baltimore Street, Greencastle, Pennsylvania 17225.

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