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the Newport
Alive with pleasure

■ How to get pleasure from a trick knee

Regardless of what people say, you can teach an old knee new tricks.
Begin with a simple one, like kneeling through a hoop.
Go on to bigger things, like Al Jolson impressions.
Now you 're really ready to go:
a) Wear bermuda shorts - a star needs the exposure.
b) Find a girl with tennis elbow.
c) Enter the olympics - the 100 yard crash.
And remember, a trick knee is always better than a trick neck, trichinosis- and it's certainly better than no trick at all.

Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined
That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health,

Box and Kings: 18 mg. "tar" , 12 mg. nicotine
       100's:         20 mg. "tar", 1.5 mg. nicotine
av. per cigarette, FTC Report Oct.'74.