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"There are bound to be Vietnam-era Veterans among your readers who have ideas, energy, art work or writings to contribute to the first nationwide veteran's yellow pages." Dear people. I'd like tor you to know of a project that l'm working on: "New Directions for Veterans: the first nationwide Vererans Yellow Pages." with new ideas-photography and art work hy veterans from througliout the country, coming trom all kinds of personal experiences, backgrounds, lifestyles. and needs. The finished book will be much like THE WHOLE EARTH CATA LOG in size and in spirit. The contents, though, will be different : everything from sections on new ways of looking at "education" and learning, men's consciousness, veterans in prison, alternative lifestyles. ways of spiritual growth-to a nationwide friendship skills exchange network. and a full color featuresection on creative arts (photograpliy. painting. sculpture. crafts. creative writing). The project has potential in many different directions. There are bound to be Vietnam-era veterans among your readers who have ideas, energy. art work or writings to contribute, and I'd like to hear from them at P.O. Box 865, Lawrence. Kansas 66044. ,. Lawrence Morgan "Over 65 AIM members and supporters face trials. More indictments are handed down each week." Dear Sun. The Ann ArborWounded Knee Support Group apprcciated the opportunity to expluin the present attack on Iridian people in the April 25 issue of the Sun. However, we must ' correct a misprint. The article "Reign of Terror at Wounded Knee" w;is vvriiten only by a member of our Wounded Knee Support Group and was not co-written with John Trundell, AIM National Chairperson (as was printed at the end of the artide). The American Indian Movement (AIM) work totally seperately but in cooperationwith the Wounded Knee Legal DefenseOffense Committee (WKLDOC). We are the local WKLDOC support group. To further clarify this, AIM is an organiation of Indian people founded by Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellacourt and George Michell to secure Indian self-determination. AIM's attempts to oppose the policies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) are a threat to the U.S. government. The government's response is to attack AIM through the white court system. Over 65 AIM members and supporters face trials. More indictments are handed down each week. WKLDOC was formed in March 1973 to provide the legal and political defense needed to resist these government attacks. Committee members are Indian and white men and women of varied ages and backgrounds. Our debts are over S40.000 and we must ask the public to help. We must ask every person concerned about the Indian struggle for liberation to contribute money andor energy. Write Ann Arbor Support Group, co VanderWall 222 Fuller Rd., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105. "The Human Rights Party has met much opposition but they continue to work within the community to try and créate a government which can best serve the people." Dear Sun. In response lo the short-sighted letter by Michael Minnich and his Democratie insight to the last election (April 25, 1975). I used to live in Ann Arbor, knew John Sinclair, participated in the White Panthers, thè Radical Independent Party and later in the beginnings of of the Human Rights Party. I was an avid radical and parücipated in most community events. But the current situation makes me sick. Ann Arbor is supposed to be a progressive community, but it is no better than towns like Howell (John Birch headquarters) when we take a hard look at the facts. The last election was a flop not because the Human Rights Party messed it up but because the Democrats are so hung up in power politics that they have no concern about doing anything constructive within the community. Their only concern is gaining power at any cost. This means presenting no useful legislation but instead pumping all their time and energy into name slurring attacks against the other On the other hand the Human Rights Party has decided the community is more important and has continued to work for its benefit through city council and ballot proposals. During its short exïstance they have presented marijuana legislation, voter registration legislation, rent control, day care legislation, preferential voting, and others. Not all have passed but they were very valid attempts at strenglitening the community. The Human Rights Party has met much opposition but they continue to work within the community to try and créate a government which can best serve the people. Let's let the proposals presented over the last four years by the Human Rights Party, the Democrats failure to support them, and the Democrats lack of proposals speak to the people about what the two parties are trying to accomplish. Then the people can decide what is to their benefit: power politics by the Democrats of ballot proposals by the Human Rights Party. Ron Rogers "Reserve Mining Company is dumping tailings into Lake Superior at a rate of 67,000 tons a day - an amount twice as large as all the garbage of New York City!" Dear Editor, The possible damage being done by the tailings dumped into Lake Superior by the Reserve Mining Company is outrageous. The particles have been found to be carried across state borders, increase the eutrophication of the lake, kill the sac fry of the rainbow trout, and adversely affect the bottom fauna of the lake. If this were not enough, there is the possibility of widespread carcinogenic effects. Asbestos fibers are positively known to cause cáncer. Stilt, a "demonstrable health hazard" due to the dumping of the tailings has not been,proven. There has not been a dead body found yet so Reserve is allowed to continue dumping its offal into Lake Superior. Dumping at a rate of 67,000 tons a day. Dumping an amount twice as large as all the garbage of New York City! Reserve Mining Company is considered to bc in "goud faith" and so is trusted to clean up its operations. How can anyone who dumps 67.000 tons of offal a day into Lake Superior be considered trustworthy? Vm sure that Reserve doesn't want to pollute Lake Superior. They are simply lacking in morality, social responsibility, and humanity. If there were a cheaper method of disposing of their garbage, I'm sure they would not dump into Lake Superior. Perhaps this is what is meant by good faith. At the time a "demonstrable health hazard" has been shown the exposure to the tailings will be irreversible. There may be grim, terrible consequences to pay in twenty or thirty years, when the seeds of cáncer are coming into bloom. Then who will claim responsibility for the tragedy? No one has the right to ignore the possible detrimental effects of their own actions on other people or the environment, lt is time tlie responsibility for criminal activity be placed where it belongs. Reserve Mining Company must be required to stop all dumping into Lake Superior immediately. lt is everyone's responsibility to cry for an end to the pollution of Lake Superior by Reserve Mining Company. This is an issue that affects too many people, could have too many horrible consequences, for anyone to ignore or put aside for others to handle. Neal D. Fortín Sun, I just heard this man from N.A.S.A. suggest putting our nuclear waste from future reactors on a trajectory which would carry it out of the solar system. Hey out there in deep space-if anyone is out there-here comes some shit which has a half life of half a million years and just a speek on your lungs, or gills or whatever, and rest in peace. Whether dropping bombs, executing soldiers for the petty theft of a merchant (spy?) ship, or sending shit to our space brothers, insanity among mankind persists. Bill Davis, Ypsilanti If you want to comment on world or local events, praise or criticize the SUN, or just have something you want to say, send us a letter about it. Letters should be addressed to: Editor Ann Arbor SUN 603 E. William Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108