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It is Wednesday evening. The speed with which the world situation is metamorphosing is astounding. Today two American Air Force Officers were shot dead on the streets of Tehran, Iran by guerilla forces. Last Sunday in Portugal a group of anti-American demonstrators detained the security chief of the US Embassy with the help of a radical military unit. In Laos at the time of this writing 200 students are holding two US Marines and one American civilian behind the doors of the so-called US "Agency for International Development." How much developing could AID be doing if the residents of the aid-intended countries are demanding that it leave? Actually, AID has long been a mostly misnomered CIA-front operation. America's arrogance and subterfuge extends deep into a twisted language. Arrogance. The kind that leads the US to stage a World War II movie-style John Wayne overkill, terminating 1 5 Marines to rescue the crew of the Mayaguez shipping boat after Cambodia promised their return. The kind that leads the US to bomb Cambodian oil fields, a clearly economie and non-military target in this instance, after regaining the crew's return. Rally round-the flag, boys, we're still a superpower no matter how many nations around the world reject our "protection of democracy." But machismo of this sort eventually comes around to backfire in the face of the perpetrator. The revelations about to reach the public concerning the conspiracy behind the major political assassinations of the last decade, for example, is likely to sever the last link of public confidence in the government with a frightening flash of truth. News of the relationship between the CIA, Nixon and the Mafia should do likewise. The facts beliind the calculated frame-up of the Rosenbergs, executed for holding onto the truth until the electrician's switch was thrown, will open another window into the world of raw American inner-circle power and information distortion. Most people are beginning to realize that the forces who control the government are not operating in the interests of anyone but a tiny Power Elite, as C. Wright Mills termed it years ago. Five years ago the left was deemed quite insane for suggesting that US relations with foreign countries were dominated by a system of corporate imperialism. The revelations of US firms perpetrating massive bribes and payoffs throughout the Third World vindícale the "rhetoric." This understanding could go either way. A George Wallace or Ronald Reagan could manipúlate it into a forcé for fascism. Wallace and Reagan are playing off the average person's emerging distrust of the centers of economie and political power. This is also the major thrust of the Presidential campaigns of Julián Bond and Fred Harris, with whom we have included interviews inside. Closest thing to socialism in a White House race we've seen since Henry Wallace in the 40's. If their new economie populism catches on, as it most certainly could provided mass media attention, the powers that be would have a prime antagonist right in the White House. LOCAL DITTIES: Ozone House has announced two important events in its history of runaway counseling and placement. lts fiftli anniversary and its thousandth runaway. The lOOOth was the teenage daughter of a wealthy but violent and alcoholic out-county businessman. With the help of Ozone workers, she became legally emancipated and is now working to set up a life of her own. Happy Birthday. . .. . William Hinton, noted American authorexpert on the People's Republic of China, will speak on June 20 at Trimty Methodist Church in Detroit. A must for China-watchers. CORRECTIONS: Last issue we wrote that the Children's Community Center took care of childcare at last summer's free Sunday concerts. Actually it was Coleen Nelson and Sue Wyborski, not the CCC, which does plan to organize the child care this year . . . By the way if you want to help the free concerts get off the ground this summer, contact Dianne Ripley at 761-7148. The concerts should kick-off in late June. State Representative Perry Bullard continúes to cali for action on a bilí in the Legislature which would ban aerosol spray containers using freon gas, which it has been shown is destroying the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Bullard alO also points out that most of the spray cans contain only about 30 percent actual advertised material and the rest is flourocarbon propellant. "Any action taken in Michigan will be a limited move toward the correction of the freon aerosol spray problem. But we must start somewhere, and I hope Michigan will lead the way," said Bullard. GOOD NEWS: The SUWs goal of 30 coinboxes from community support loans has been reached and beyond. By June 15th the new boxes will be in full operation on the streets of southeastern Michigan.