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A SUMMER CELEBRATION, an afternoon to lay back in the sun and enjoy a trio of nationally recognized rock groups, Sunday May 24 at EMlTs Rynearson Stadium in Ypsilanti. The tunes will be supplied by Santana, Peter Framptons Camel and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The celebration begins at high noon and continĂșes till a higher but as yet indefinite time, for a price of course . . . SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND will play at Chances Are later that same evening, Sunday May 24th, a new iiroup whose members come from such famous Michigan bands as the MC5 (Fred Smith), the Rationals (Scott Morgan) and DETROIT (Ron Cooke). They'll also be at the Red Carpet Monday and Tuesday May 25 & 26 ... Chances Are also brings us a number of other Michigan-basd bands. The death-defying Mojo Boogie Band will be there May 26th . . . Robin Tyner's (another MC5-er) Fireworks will make their Ann Arbor premiere performance June 3rd . . . and Lightnin', recently returned frorn a tour in the Southern rock and roll belt of America, will play two nights, June 4&5... THE MILES DAVIS BAND and THE ELEVENTH HOUSE (featuring Larry Coryell and Alphonse Mouzon) are at the open air Baldwin Pavillion at Oakland Community College, Saturday May 24 ... Coryell and the House will be at the Stables (East Lansing) the following evening, May 25 ... Ellen Mcllwaine sings there as well May 26-31 . . . MSU will j present Rufus, Mandrill, Parliaments and the Funkadelics together May 29 ... f sentially the same bilĂ­ with the addition of Kool and the Gang will be at Olympia Stadium the following evening, May 3Oth . . . THE 4-DAY 2nd ANNUAL MEMORIAL MADNESS PARTY will take place in the Irish Hills off US-12 May 23-26. Music will be supplied by Dallas Hodge's Deluxe and admission is $5.00. For more info cali 467-201 ! . AEROSMITH AND WISHBONE ASH will be at Cobo Arena for two nights May 27 & 28 ... Jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd and his Jazz Unlimited group will be at Masonic Auditorium June 1 , at 8pm . . . Baker's Keyboard Lounge hosts the Michael Urbaniak Quintet May 3-7 ... and if you're looking for some Bad Company they'U be at Olympia Stadium along with Maggie Bell _June 4. THE PEOPLE'S BICENTENNIAL COMMITTEE OF CORRESPONDENCE will be holding a three i day conference May 23-25. The conference is tered on developing issues for the 3rd Continental Congress to take place next fall ... the Wounded Knec Support Committee will meet on the 4th floor of the Michigan Union at 7:30pm on Tuesday May 27. Cali Rita at 769-3184 for more info . . . The Mad Madonnas, a play presented by the Theatre Company of Ann Arbor especially for and about women can be seen at the Schloring Auditorium, in the School of Education at 8pm on May 30 & 31. THE TUBE: ABC News takes a look (how close, we don't know yet) at the CIA in a presentation May 30 at lOpm on Charme) 7. There's also a special on the Ups and Downs of Henry Kissinger on Channel 2 at 7:30pm May 25 ... Channel 56 offers the sounds of the Modern Jazz Quartet and Stephan Grapelli at 8pm May 26 ... And on June 3 therc'll be a rerun of the Soundstage program featuring Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock at lOpm . . . June 5 at 9pm, Channel 56's Black Journal explores the possibilities of a "Conspiracy" involving the assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and John and Robert Kennedy . . . Cable 3 will be broadeasting some tape replays of the Experimental Theatre Festival held here last week, on May 29 at 8 & 9pm, specifically the Friends Road Show and their "Sunshine and Smiles" presentation, and the California State Uniwersity Theatre Group performing "Metamorphosis" . . .