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PAPER RADIO - explores the bizarre relationship between self-confessed hard drugs dealer Ewe Wagner and his State Pólice employers, and tells the tale of a Kalamazoo narc busted for heroin sales. Also, United Farm Workers, SherifPs men rough up blues band, Community Parks Program news, white cops beat up black patrolman in Detroit, budget blues in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti....By David Goodman, Ellen Hoffman and David 4. JULIÁN BOND AND FRED HARRIS talk about their Democratie presidential populist aspirations. SUN interviews by Michael Castleman, Laura Lederer and Marty Lee page 6. THE MAYAGUEZ: RESCUE OR RETALIATION? - how American mannes lost 15 killed while attacking the wrong island in an attempt to free the crew of a captured freighter after Cambodia agreed to return them anyway page 9 INFORMED SOURCES - looks at the cozy relationship between the Mafia and the CIA, proposed new marijuana legislation in Congress, anti-American stirrings in Laos, Kent State civil suits and other news with a viewpoint page 8 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION - a new law which allows people to inspect their FBI, CIA and other files the feds might have put away. The law is, and isn't working page 1 1 Illll BOOKS: Wc Are Your Sons - the story of Julius and Ethel Rsenberg's frameup, trial and execution on charges of' "atomic spying" is told by their sons in a new book. Reviewed by Michael Castleman page 13. EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE FESTIVAL - held recently in Ann Arbor, reviewed by Ellen Frank page 14. MOVIES: Tommy, Ken Russell's star-studded production of the Who's rock-opera, reviewed by Andrew Kopkind from Boston'sThe Real Paper page 16 LYMAN WOODARD AND RON ENGLISH of the Lyman Woodard Organization are interviewed by John Sinclair and Bill Adler on the occasion of their lïrst album on Strata Records page 18. THE VISIONS OF JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, jazzrock guitarist and spiritual seeker, in an interview with David Fenton and Barbara Weinberg page 18. MUSIC: Reviews of Bonnie Raitt and Mose Allison in concert at MSU, and Frank Zappa's appearance with Captain Beefheart at Cobo Arena in Detroit. Also. Music Notes page 20. RECORDS: The SUN reviews new releases by Deadly Nightshade, Meg Christian, an llunicr, McCoy Tyner, Weather Report and Wayne Short er page 2 1 . CLASSIFIEDS pago 26. CALENDAR page 2X. ■Illli