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PARTING SHOTS FROM A TV COMMENTATOR-Bruce Warshal, Rabbi of Temple Beth Emmet and host of the popular Community Dialogue show on Cable 3 is leaving town for a position with a New Orleans congregation. In a SUN interview, he gives his often pointed views on Ann Arbor, its political figures, and culture. Part One Interview by Barbara Weinberg and David Fenton, page 3

PAPER RADIO Iooks at Gay Pride Week, the People's Bicentennial Festival in Chicago, Native American sit-in on Fleming's lawn, and more page 4

IS THERE A SWAT IN DETROIT'S FUTURE? The Detroit Police are considering setting up a special paramilitary unit modeled on the controversial SWAT program of the Los Angeles Police. They claim it will save lives, but critics fear the program as a potential tool for repression. By David Goodman page 5

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE asks folks on the street what should be done about the freon threat to the ozone. Also LETTERS, page 6

EDITORIAL looks at the Fourth of July from a radical perspective, and asks some pointed questions about Ann Arbor's plans to remove traffic islands for the Art Fair page 7

INFORMED SOURCES world and national news with a point of view, including a court crackdown on wiretapping, liberalized marijuana laws, John Lennon's fight to stay in the U.S. and more page 8

DRAGON FIRE FROM THE TIGER CAGES-Following the liberation of South Vietnam, President Thieu's political prisoners are finally able to tell the story of their cruel treatment and their struggle behind bars. By Frances Sdarner (PNS) page 9

A HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC IN ANN ARBOR, Part Two-Peter Andrews continues his account of the development of the Ann Arbor music scene and tells of the conflicts over the outdoor summer concerts and the first Ann Arbor Blues Festival page 10

ROOTS AND BRANCHES-An introduction to the music of the late jazz innovator John Coltrane, including suggested cuts for folks interested in getting deeper into Coltrane's music. By John Sinclair page 12

RECORDS-reviews of new releases by Roland Hanna and Stanley Cowell, the Eagles, Istey Brothers, Jean Luc Ponty and the Earl Scruggs Revue page 13

THE BUG EXTERMINATORS-intrigued by an ad placed in High Times by an Ann Arbor-based counter-surveillance firm, the SUN contacted the company and convinced them to de-bug our office. The article recounts what they found, how they operate, and the nature of electronic spying. By Ellen Hoffman page 14

MUSIC-review of the recent concert by Deadly Nightshade. Also Bill Adler's Music Notes page 17

THEATRE- Feiffer in the Flesh, appearing at the Theatre-Under-The-Mall in Arborland, is reviewed. .page 18

MOVIES-Woody Allen's Love and Death, which parodies many well-known Russian epics, is reviewed by Neal Gabler page 19

CLASSIFIEDS- some of the best rates around pg. 20

CALENDAR of events for Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit page 21