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 "The FCC holds that the airwaves belong to the people. WIQB must either give Ann Arbor what it wants to hear or die."

Dear SUN,

 Thank you for your expose of radio station WIQB.

The owner of that station, Jim Trayhem, is quoted as having said, "I don't think it's anybody's business what we are doing but our own  ." He is wrong. The FCC holds that the airwaves belong to the people. and that broadcasters must from time to time answer to the people. WIQB must either give Ann Arbor what it wants to hear, or die.

We here at WCBN give the community what we feel it wants and needs in the way of programming. and one way of seeking the tastes of the community is by monitoring record sales at local record outlets. Being a noncommercial station we have no advertisers to answer to. Our announcers are largely free to play what they wish.

WCBN will continue to serve Ann Arbor. Judging by WIQB's plastic sound and dwindling popularity, it will probably soon see another chance in management. And as we watch the turnover rate of the station's jocks. some of us here at CBN refer to WIQB as "W-I-Quit-Broadcasting."


Elijah Langford

Assistant Music Director

WCBN. Ann Arbor

"If Mr. Ford doesn't resume a ful! scale nvestigation of the assassination of President Kennedy, he and Mr. Rockefeller will have the blood of the beloved former president all over their hands."

Dear SUN.

The Rockefeller Commission with the approval of President Ford, has reassured the American public that the CIA had absolutely nothing to do with the assassination of President Kennedy. With this in mind President Ford has decided to totally discontinue any further invest igation of this particular matter. Instead of wasting time on "this nonsense" the President wants to concentrate on the possibility of the CIA being involved in foreign assassination plots. Is "our hero" Mr. Ford trying to divert our attention from this assassination which has already taken place?

It doesn't make sense to concentrate on the possibility of an assassination plot when one has already taken place.

Aside from everything else. Mr. Rockefeller has already proved to be a murderer many times over in the incident at Attica. Is it sound thinking to take the word of a group with Mr. Rockefeller' s name attached to it? With all of the wealth associated with Mr. Rockefeller. one would think that he could've taken the necessary Funds from his own resources to satisfy the demands of the prisoners at Attica. They were demonstrating in the first place to protest the abominable conditions in the prison. Mr. Rockefeller responded by having them murdered.

Mr. Ford assures us further that if we all look forward to "the göod bid summertime" and put the unhappy past being us we'll all soon forget President Kennedy's assassination and other such unfortunate incidents. Everyone should simply purchase a cabin-cruiser and an ampie siipply of Kool-Aid and stop "holding grudges."

When Mr. Ford says that the American people should be strong and forget about what has happened he nol only refuses to apprehend the treacherous culprits that sponsored this assassination; he gaily dances with Nelson Rockefeller on President Kennedyls grave. If Mr. Ford doesn't resume a full-scale investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy, he and Mr. Rockefeller will have the blood of the beloved former president all over their hands.

Lenny Glantz

Detroit, Michigan

"If there is no mass public protest from the American people over the CIA-Mafia hit job attempts, then we are a nation that has lost its conscience."

Dear SUN,

It is an insult to the integrity of the American people that an agency acting in our name may have been volved in murder plots. It is an even greater insult to the American people that nobody in the federal administration really seems to give a damn.

The recently released Rockefeller report on the CIA makes no mention of the CIA's possible involvement in murder attempts or of its alleged connection with the mafia, despite the fact that there is strong evidence of both. The 86 pages dealing with those topics were not made public with the rest of the report. We deserve to see that information now. After all, the Rockefeller commission was funded by the people, and they were supposed to be acting in our interest.

President Ford grinned during his nationally televised press conference as he was asked about the CIA's involvement in murder attempts. It may come as a surprise to Ford and others like him, but murder is no laughing matter. Especially when government agencies are involved in it.

Ford just finished climbing a few steps up the popularity ladder over the bodies of 40 Americans in his Mayaguez temper tantrum. The least we should expect is for him to show some concern now.

Since the sixties we Americans have found out more than many of us care to know about the lying, spying and dirty power struggles that is contemporary Washington. But we can't afford to turn our backs now. If there s no mass public protest from the American people over the CIA-Mafia hit-job attempts. then we are a nation that has lost its conscience.

There is only one answer to the CIA's developing a premature big brother syndrome. We, the people, have to bring it under control.

Every member of Congress should be fully informed of all CIA activities. The American people should be made aware of all governmental activities. A free people cannot govern itself if the truth is kept from them by their government. And neither can they govern themselves if they lack the desire and the decency to constantly strive for freedom and equality for everyone. America, where is your conscience?

Doug Cunningham

Mt. Morris, Mich.

Dear Editor,

In recent weeks, those of us who visited Briarwood Mall have had the opportunity to observe and admire the dancing and arts and crafts work of a group of American Indian people. It is obvious that the Indian culture is still alive in America today as well as being a vital part of this country's heritage. However, few Americans know of the incredible odds against which Indians must struggle to preserve their identity and tradition.

Wounded Knee is just one Indian village in only one  of many reservations, but it has become the symbol of the American Indians' struggle to remain free and maintain their heritage.

The government has already spent seven million dollars on Wounded Knee prosecutions - the defense exists on the brink of insolvency and help is urgently needed. Without our help today, there may be no displays of Indian crafts and traditions for our children and grandchildren to admire.

For more information, contact Wounded Knee Legal Defense Offense Committee. Box 918. Council Bluffs, IO 51501 ; or in Ann Arbor, Wounded Knee Support Group, c/o VanderWall, 2222 Fuller Rd., 1204A, Ann Arbor 48105.

Jen VanderWall

Ann Arbor

Dear Friends,

I'm in an emergency situation. I was recently operated on here at the Medical Center for federal prisoners. They have refused me proper medication and treatment. Many people are threatening to picket the institution, send telegrams and so forth demanding I get good treatment or action will be taken to secure my release. Will you send a telegram and ask friends to write letters and so forth. News media, telegrams and letters are the only thing that work to bring about good treatment. When they know people care, they move. Please help me by contacting local people. I am experiencing great pain. (Send letters to Warden, Federal Penitentiary, Springfield,MO 65802.)

James Driggers 28937-117

Springfield, MO 

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