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Voice of the People

Interviews by Linda Reed. Photos by Carla Rapaport

Question: Do you feel that freon should be banned? Are you going to discontinue using it?

"Yes. it should be seems like there is a good chance that what they have said is right ... I like roll-ons deodorants anyway.

- Janet Ison. Engineering student

"I am not sure if freon should be banned or not, it seems like it is a threat. I only use spray cans for art work, but if I could find a substitute for it. I would use that. I have stopped using spray deodorants."

-Don Fishel. Assistant Director of " the Word of God Music"

"Definitely yes!  I have stopped using most spray cans already. I have been reading about how awful they are."

- Jay Pinsky. high school teacher 

"I really do not understand the whole concept, but if it is destroying the ozone. it should be banned. If it is, I will discontinue using it."

-Paula Diggs, student

"I have heard about it and I think it should be banned, but I don't think it will be. l'm going to continue using it, the only way I would stop would be if they quit producing it."

-Keith Warner, student

"Yes, freon should be banned. It is a hazard, and we cannot afford to gamble. I have already discontinued using it, I stopped when I first heard it might have something to do with destroying the ozone."

-George Beale, retired,Former Superintendent of Schools