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Quesfion: Do you feel that freon sbould be banned? Are you going to discontinue using it? "Vos. ii shotikl be bannecl. ü scems likc thete ís ü good chance that what they havo said is lililí ... I like roll-Diu deodorants anyway. - Janet Ison. Engineering student "Tin BOI sure t troon shouid be banncd or not, i( seems like it is a threat. I only use spray cans tur art wofk, but il 1 could lind a subslitute tur ii. I would use that. i luuc supped using spray deodorants." -Don Fishel. Assis tant Director of " I he Word of God Music" "Ifclmitely yes' I Imve Stupped usina m)sl spruy culis already. I have been reading about how awful they aie." - Jay Pinsky . ugh school teacher ■I "I really do not tinderstand the whoie concept, but if it is destroying the uzone. it should be banned. If it is, I wjll discontinue using it." -Paula Diggs, student "I liave heard aboui it and I think it should be banned, bul I don't think it will be. l'm going to continue using it, the nnly way I woutd stop would be if they quit producing it." -Keith Warner, student "Ves, freon shcuid be banned. It is a hazard. and we eannot afTord to gamble. 1 have already discontinuad using it, 1 stopped when l fiTst heard il mighi have something to do with destroying Ihe ozone." -George Beale, retired. Former Superintendent of Schools