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Why Change Traffic For Art Fair Only?

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Last week, the Sun received a letter f rom the city ot" Arm Arbor proposing Williams be made a twoway street bttween Thompson and State during the week of July 7 through the Art Fair. The temporary change could become permanent if "it proves beneficial to improved traffic tlow," according to the letter from John Robbins, ector ot" the city's Department of Streets, Trafile and Parking. Some parking will be removed some new stop signs installed, the tra f f ie signal at State and Williams, and Thompson and Williams will have to be changed, and most important, the island at State and Williams removed. In April, city residents were told how tight city funds were. City employees had to be layed off for the 1975-76 fiscal year. Services at every level have been cut back, and yet the city is now thinking about an expensive change in traffic flow which may not even be permanent. Can we afford this? The answer seems obvious. The city is currently studying traffic circulation with a look towards the overall congestión of downtown and campus, and possible long-term solutions. Wc bclicvc no traffïc changes, particúlarly expensivc ones such as this. sliould b made until tliat study is complete. City Council must act to prevent the city bureaucracy trom moving aliead with plans tliat are costly, short-term. and ot' uncertain beneficiality to the entire community such as this.