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The Music Of John Coltrane

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SELECTION ALBUM NUMBER COMMENT "Trancing In" Traneing In Prestige 7123 wRed Garland "Tenor Madnesj" Tenor Madness Prestige 7047 wSonnv Rollins "Supposiri" . The New Miles Davis Quintet Prestige 7014 "Oleo" Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet Prettige 7 1 29 "When Lights Are Low" Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet Prestige 7094 "Bye Bye Blackbird" Round Aboul Midnighl Columbia 949 Miles Davis Quiniet "Tadd'sDelight" Round About Midnighl Columhu 949 ditto "Straight Street" Coltrane Prestige 7107 'Trane's Slo Blues" Lush Life Preside 7 188 "Violets for Your Furs" Coltrane Pretje 7107 "Bass Blues" Traneing in Prestige 71 23 "Russian Lullaby" Soultrane Prestige 7 142 "Trinkle Tinkle" Monk & Trane Jazzland 47 wT. Monk "Well You Needn't" Monk's Music Riversidc 242 wT. Monk "Nutty" Monk & Trane Jazzland47 wT. Monk "Rise and Shine" Scttin' the Pace Prestige 7213 "Milestones" Milestones Columbia 1 193 Miles Davis Sextet "Stella By Starlight" Jazz Track Columbia 1 268 ditto "The Sleeper" Cannonball & Coltrane Mercury 20449 wCannonball Adderley "Giant Steps" Giant Steps Atlantic 1311 "CousinMary" Giant Steps ditto "Harmonique" Coltrane Jazz Atlantic 1354 "Mr. P.C." Giant Steps Atlantic 1311 "Some Other Blues" Coltrane Jazz Atlantic 1 3S4 "Niima" Giant Steps Ailjntic 1311 "Like Sonny" Coltrane Jazz Atlantic 1354 "Centerpiece" The Coltrane Legacy Ailantic 1553 wMilt Jackson "Fifth House" Coltrane Jazz Atlantic 1354 'The Invisible" The Avant Garde Atlantic 1451 wDon Cherry "Chenyco" ditto ditto ditto "26-2" The Coltrane Legacy Atlantic 1553 "Village Blues" Coltrane Jazz Atlantic 1 354 first reléese wElvin Jones "My Favorite Things" My Favorite Things Atlantic 1361 first quartet recording "Exótica" The Best of Biidiand Roulette "Aisha" OleColtrane Atlantic 1373 wEnc Dolphy "Ole" OleColtrane ditto wDolphy "África" AfricaBrass Impulse A-6 worchestra "India" Imprenions Impulse A-42 wDolphy "Out of This World" Coltrane Impulse 21 Qurtt "Soul Eyes" Coltrane ditto ditto "Dtdicated to You" John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman Impulse A-40 "After the Rain" lmpressions Impulse A-42 Quartet (end of December 24th program) "Blues Minor" AfricaBrass Impulse A-6 Orchestra "Greensleeves" AfricaBrass ditto "Spiritual" Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard Impulse 10 wDolphy " in a Morning Village Vanguard Impulse A-IU Sunrise" "Chasin" the Trane" Village Vanguard ditto "Out of this World" Coltrane Impulse A-21 Quartet "Tunji" ditto ditto SELECTION ALBUM NUMBER COMMENT "Big Nick" Duke I Ilíngton A John Coltrane Impulse 30 "In a Sentimental Mood" ditto ditto "Take the Coltrane" ditto ditto 'The Feeüng of Jazz' ■ ditto duin "You Don't Know What Love Is" Baliads Impulse A -.12 "Vilia" Definitive Jazz Scenc III Impulse A ■) In I "Autumn Serenade" John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman Impulse A-40 'Too Young lo Go Steady" Baliads Impulse A-32 "Lush Life Johnny Hartman LP Impulse A-40 "You Are Too Beautiful" ditto ditto "Dear Old Stockholm" Definitive Jazz Scène II Impulse A-1II0 Roy Haynes repl. Elvin Jones "My Kavorite Things" Selflessness Impelas A-9 161 ditto "Afro-Biue" Coltrane Live at Birdland Impulse A-50 Quartet "I Want to Talk About You" ditto dmo "Alabama" ditto ditto 'The Wise One" Crescent Impulse A-66 "Bessie's Blues" ditto ditto "A Love Supreme" A Love Supreme Impulse A-77 masterpiece "Acknowledgement" "Resolulion "Pursuance" "Psalm" "Brazilia" The John Coltnne Quartet Plays Imjiulsc A-86 "Chim Chim Cheree" ditto dittn "Nature Boy" ditto ditlo "Dear Lord Transition Impulse A-9 195 Quartet "Suite" Transition dilto "Ascensión" Ascensión (Edition II) Impulse A-95 l'9 band wArchie Shepp. SidesOne&Two Pharaoh Sanders, Manon Brown. Freddie Hubbard. et al. "One Down, One Up" New I hing at Newport Impulse A-94 lasi quartet recording (end of January 14 program) "Weicome" é. "Vigil" Kulu Se Mama Impulse As-9 1(16 latge group wPharoh Sun Ship Impulse AS-92 I I Live in Seattle Impulse AS-92U2 OM Impulse AS 914(1 Selflessness Impulse AS 916 I "Kulu Se Mama" Kulu Se Mama Impulse AS-9 106 Mediutions Impulse AS-91 KI genius Cosmic Music Impulse AS-9 1 48 Live at the Village Vanguard Again Impulse AS-91 24 Expression Impulse AS-91 20 last recordinqs (end of Februaxy 4th program) Broadcast on WNRZ-FM as the "Toke Time" program. Programmed and announced by John Sinclair. Produced by Richard Stoneman. Engineer: Neil Ldsher. A Rainbow Production.