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The Music Of John Coltrane

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"Trancing In"   Traneing In   Prestige 7123   w/Red Garland:   "Tenor Madness"   Tenor Madness   Prestige 7047   w/Sonnv Rollins: "Supposin'"   The New Miles Davis Quintet   Prestige 7014:    "Oleo" Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet   Prestige 7129:    "When Lights Are Low"  Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet   Prestige 7094:    "Bye Bye Blackbird"   Round About Midnight  Columbia 949  Miles Davis Quintet:    "Tadd's Delight"   Round About Midnight   Columbia  949 ditto:   "Straight Street"   Coltrane   Prestige 7107:    "Trane's Slo Blues"   Lush Life   Prestige  7188:   "Violets for Your Furs"   Coltrane Prestige   7107:     "Bass Blues"   Traneing in   Prestige   7123:    "Russian Lullaby"  Soultrane  Prestige  7142:   "Trinkle Tinkle"   Monk & Trane  Jazzland   47  w/T. Monk:    "Well You Needn't"  Monk's Music Riverside 242   w/T. Monk:    "Nutty"   Monk & Trane   Jazzland  47   w/T. Monk:  "Rise and Shine"   Settin' the Pace   Prestige  7213:    "Milestones"  Milestones   Columbia   1193   Miles Davis Sextet:    "Stella By Starlight" Jazz Track  Columbia  1268   ditto:    "The Sleeper"   Cannonball & Coltrane   Mercury   20449   w/Cannonball Adderley:    "Giant Steps" Giant Steps   Atlantic   1311:   "Cousin Mary"   Giant Steps   ditto:  "Harmonique"   Coltrane Jazz   Atlantic   1354:    "Mr. P.C."   Giant Steps   Atlantic   1311:    "Some Other Blues"   Coltrane Jazz  Atlantic   1354:    "Naima"   Giant Steps   Atlantic   1311:    "Like Sonny"   Coltrane Jazz   Atlantic   1354:    "Centerpiece"   The Coltrane Legacy   Atlantic 1553   w/Milt Jackson:    "Fifth House"   Coltrane Jazz   Atlantic 1354:  "'The Invisible"   The Avant Garde   Atlantic   1451   w/Don Cherry:   "Chenyco"   ditto   ditto   ditto:    "26-2"   The Coltrane Legacy   Atlantic 1553:    "Village Blues"   Coltrane Jazz   Atlantic   1354   first release w/Elvin Jones:    "My Favorite Things"   My Favorite Things   Atlantic 1361   first quartet recording:    "Exotica"   The Best of Birdland   Roulette:    "Aisha"   Ole Coltrane   Atlantic   1373   w/Eric Dolphy:    "Ole"   Ole Coltrane  ditto   w/Dolphy :   "Africa"   Africa Brass  Impulse A-6   w/orchestra:    "India"   Impressions   Impulse   A-42   w/Dolphy: "Out of This World"   Coltrane Impulse  A-21   Quartet :   "Soul Eyes"  Coltrane   ditto  ditto:    "Dedicated to You"   John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman   Impulse   A-40:    "After the Rain"   Impressions   Impulse A-42    Quartet    (end of December 24th program)

"Blues Minor"  Africa Brass  Impulse  A-6   Orchestra:   "Greensleeves" Africa Brass   ditto: "Spiritual"   Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard Impulse  A-10   w/Dolphy:   "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise"  Village Vanguard   Impulse A-I0:   "Chasin" the Trane"  Village Vanguard  ditto: "Out of this World"   Coltrane   Impulse   A-21  Quartet:   "Tunji"  ditto ditto


"Big Nick"   Duke EIlington & John Coltrane   Impulse A-30: "In a Sentimental Mood"   ditto   ditto: "Take the Coltrane"   ditto   ditto: "The Feeling of Jazz"  ditto   ditto: "You Don't Know What Love Is"   Ballads Impulse A-32:  "Vilia"  Definitive Jazz Scene III   Impulse A-9101: "Autumn Serenade"  John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman  Impulse A-32:  "Too Young lo Go Steady"   Ballads   Impulse A-32:   "Lush Life" Johnny Hartman LP  Impulse A-40: "You Are Too Beautiful"  ditto  ditto: "Dear Old Stockholm"  Definitive Jazz Scene II   Impulse A-100 Roy Haynes repl. Elvin Jones: "My Favorite Things"   Selflessness   Impulse A-9161   ditto:  "Afro-Blue"   Coltrane Live at Birdland   Impulse   A-50 Quartet: "I Want to Talk About You"   ditto   ditto:  "Alabama" ditto  ditto: "The Wise One"  Crescent   Impulse   A-66: "Bessie's Blues" ditto ditto: "A Love Supreme"  A Love Supreme   Impulse   A-77   masterpiece: -"Acknowledgement" "Resolution "Pursuance" "Psalm":  "Brazilia"  The John Coltrane Quartet Plays   Impulse  A-86: "Chim Chim Cheree"  ditto  ditto:   "Nature Boy"  ditto  ditto:  "Dear Lord"  Transition   Impulse A-9195  Quartet: "Suite"  Transition  ditto: "Ascension" Sides One &Two   Ascension(Edition II)  Impulse   A-9519   band w/Archie Shepp.  Pharaoh Sanders, Manon Brown, Freddie Hubbard. et al. : "One Down, One Up"  New Thing at Newport   Impulse A-94   last quartet recording   (end of January 14 program)

"Welcome" & "Vigil"   Kulu Se Mama   Impulse As-9106   large group w/Pharaoh:  Sun Ship Impulse AS-9211: Live in Seattle  Impulse AS-9202:  OM  Impulse  AS-9141: Selflessness  Impulse AS-916I: "Kulu Se Mama"   Kulu Se Mama   Impulse  AS-9106:  Meditations Impulse AS-9110  genius: Cosmic Music  Impulse AS-9148:  Live at the Village Vanguard Again  Impulse  AS-9124: Expression Impulse AS-9120  last recordings    (end of February 4th program)

Broadcast on WNRZ-FM as the "Toke Time" program. Programmed and announced by John Sinclair. Produced by Richard Stoneman. Engineer: Neil Lasher. A Rainbow Production.