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Books: No Place To Hide: Bugging Guide

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No Place To Hide: A Guide To Bugs, Wire Taps, Surveillance and Other Privacy lnvasions, by Alan le Mond and Ron Fry (St. Martin 's Press, i'ew York) 278 pages, Want to read more on the bugging business? This book ts an up-to-date account ot'how government anJ private agencies keep tabs on you. Fox exampie, le Úoná and Fry telt how a small transmitter can listón in on vuur house tbr about seven hours. Or, you can be filmed right through solid walts Hy a technique similar to x-rays, While electrcmics may be sensational and probably used less than many people believe, most information comes from more everyday sources- iike schools. banks, place of work, or even garbage cans. Friends, neighbors and informers can siso get you into trouble. And ultimately much of the information is simply fed into computers where it becomes available to anyone who inight accidentally discover the code to get into the program. Easy reading, the book is filled with case histories of nutnbers of individuáis who suddeniy discovered someone knew their most private secrets. Even worse, the reports other peopie had on them were all too often exaggerated or even completely fabricated. Yet such intormation could all too easily be used to ruin a person's Ufe. After searing you to death with the possibility of what someone might know, the book also has a number of suggestions for keeping your private life private, lt also goes into iaws rneant to protect individuals and how to use them.