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We have before us the Louisvile Advertiser, of April 3d. It is a strong anliwhig paper, and of course gives all its abolition paragraphs a party turn The articles from the Cleaveland Acvertiser, to which the editor calis the attention of his" readers is none other than a detailed report of the late seizure, trial and escape of two allodged fugitives. taken by the kidnappers in the vicinity ofOberlin Abolition in Ohio. - We refer the reader to an arlicle we copy from the Cleavland Advertiser. It is now useless for a Kentuckian to follow a fugitive slave into Ohio. IVithin the last few mon'.hi?, we have heard of a number of arrests of runaway slaves in Ohio,but in every instance though ampie proof of the right of propert.y the owner had the worst of the contest, and thought himself fortúnate in being permitted to rctuvn home whh wholc bones. A few more electionoering contests, such as we have just passed through vith the VVhigs allied to the abolitionists, will make matters so much worse that no man willdare to claim a slave that may bc able to get into any ono of the frec States. Ohio Abolition. - A vote was lately taken in the House of Representativos oí Ohio, which shows the strenglh of the abolitionists in that body. It was on a raotion for the indefinite postponement of the repealing the fugitive law. In favor of postponement, were fourteen whigs and twentti democrats - asainst it thirtu-onewhigs and ONE democrat ! - Mr. John Smith, of Staik county. We did not before know that there was even ono democratie abolitionist in that body Let Mr. John Smith be kickedoutof the democratie party furthwiih! Virginia and New York. - The resignation of the Governor of Virginia, because he was indirectly required to surrender to New York upon the demnml of that State, a man charged with felony, and arrested at Wheeling,is an occurrence which must produce great excitement thhroughout the "Ancien t Dominion." New York has, not only through Gov. Seward, but through her Jegisiature, declared that negro-stealing is no offence - ihat it is nota crime according to the laws of New York, and therefore the demand by Virginia for a man indicted for stealing a negTO is disregarded. Abolitionism is emphntically in the ascendant in N. Y. It controls the govern- or, Legislajure, and nearly all the Federal members of Congresa. Virgina is right in the controversy which has taken place, and ought to be sustained bv ail