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Make A Pot, Weave A Rug Do-it-yourself Classes Abound In A2

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Classes such as ceramics, drawing, watercolor, jewelry, and stained glass, are being offered at the A2 Art Association, and are open to the public. The art classes are designed for adults, although other classes can be taken by kindergarten children on up.

Facilities at the A2 Art Association are quite good, and include kilns, potters wheels, and seven art studios. Teachers are from the faculty of Eastern Michigan, University of Michigan, public schools, and some local artists are also included.

Prices will vary, according to the class taken. They are from 8 to 10 weeks throughout the year, and the summer classes are shorter. The A2 Art Association is a non-profit organization, located at 2275 Platt Rd. August 1st they will be moving to a new building, located at 117 W. Liberty. For further information, call 973-0590.


The A2 Continuing Education will offer classes, beginning this fall, in woodworking, painting and drawing, and oil painting. These classes, along with clerical, business, and speed reading, will start in September. Prices vary, as to the classes taken.

Classes will be held at Allen Elementary School, Huron and Pioneer High Schools.

Ceramics classes are limited to thirteen people, and meet four times a week.

Art drawing classes meet one night a week, for three hours.

Anyone is eligible to take the classes, which last from eight to ten weeks. Another term will start in January. For more information, call 994-2300.


Classes in Fine Arts and Crafts such as photography, modeling, theatre arts, and physical and mental discipline will be offered at The Ann Arbor Art Worlds, a non-profit organization.

Art Worlds facilities are excellent. These include a darkroom with 850 square feet, a pottery room and the largest dance floor outside Detroit. Art Worlds also contains a very complete glass shop that teaches how to blow and bend glass.

Instructors are selected by a committee from submitted applications. These instructors must be professional in their field, but need not have a college degree. They come from various places, some as far as Toledo and Lansing. Courses will begin in September, and the average charge is $22.00. There is no membership required to enroll, and classes are open to anyone from their teens on up.

Registration may be made by dropping into the center, or by a labor exchange. This includes janitorial work, or office help.


The Creative Arts Workshop located at 621 E. William will be offering classes in creative writing, bicycle repair, life drawing, exercise, painting, ceramics, music theory, beginning photography, clothes mending and silkscreening. beginning July 14.

The classes will be open to the public and the charge will be $10.00. For this fee, you may enroll in the amount of classes you choose. If the fees aren't readily available, work may be done for the workshop in exchange for the charge of classes.

The workshop offers free studio time from 2-5 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., and Sat. At this time you may come in. work on what you want, and help is offered.

To register for classes, you must call the switchboard, 663-1111.

POTTER'S GUILD The Potter's Guild, located at 201 Hill, offers extensive classes in ceramics. There are 18 class nights, which meet three hours a night, and the students can set their own lab hours during the day, if a Guild member is present.

The Potter's Guild is a non-profit organization. which operates in pottery work. About 40 members are in the Potter's Guild, and applications to become a member can be obtained when there is an opening for membership.

Teachers at the Guild are very qualified people, and to get a variety of instructors, they are alternated frequently. For further information, call 663-4970.


This summer, drawing and painting classes will be offered at WCC. Classes will cost $12.50 per credit hour, plus $10 tuition. The art classes are held on campus, as well as Chelsea and Pioneer High Schools.

Residents of Washtenaw County are welcome to take classes at WCC, and more information is available at the Registrar's office. The number is 971-6300.


This summer, ceramics and drawing will be offered at the YM-YWCA. Classes in ceramics will begin June 30, and run through August 18. Drawing classes will begin July 1, and last until July 22.

Other classes offered are jewelry, sculpture, drawing, painting, silk screen, design, figure drawing, macramé, needlework, photography, and stained glass.

Woodworking, weaving and ceramics, are taught in special studios with all the necessary equipment. Other classes are taught in regular classrooms, and are converted to suit needs.

For most classes offered at the YM-YWCA, membership is required, and members do receive a discount that non-members do not.