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   KEN KELLEY, pictured here with Tiger centerfielder and SUN cover subject Ron LeFlore, is the founder of Ann Arbor's first "underground" newspaper, the Argus. He s also the founder of the short-lived Sundance magazine, and a past editor of the Berkeley Barb. Currently Kelley is a freelance writer for journals such as the New York Times, Penthouse and others. A veteran interviewer, he has held sessions of late with E. Howard Hunt, Mrs. Salvador Allende, Jack Nicholson, Ellen Burstyn, Stevie Wonder and Bill Walton. Now a San Francisco resident, Kelley is originally from Michigan.

    NADINE BROWN, author of our page 3 piece on the Detroit Police vs. Mayor Young, is a veteran and regular contributor to the Michigan Chronicle, Detroit's weekly black community newspaper. A member of the Committee to Free John Sinclair from 1970-71, she has long been active in a variety of social causes.