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Jtom Columbia Icords PutltlnThePocke'iM,dn%htAtTheOasls hoitunm; hlton aSOHKHtO .ncluding: M.lesDav.s Ramsey Lew.s KuntuLost Dreams Yesterday sThoughts FireBadia " Ell.ngion Erroll Game, ' PontaDeAreia LusitanosBetweenTheThighs Qumcy Jones Charles Mingus ;M Beauty And The Beast Miracle Of The Fishes Fme Short StonesMan In The Green Shirt ;..;.. v,, . . A-: ■ Diana From The Lonely Afternoons MuwMKj, 4ffS$ 4flP PC 33556 PC 33418 PC 33417 PG 33402 A startling new album from Freddie HubA beautiful new solo album from Weather The ncredible new album from the most This specially priced two-record set is bard, who is considered to be one of the Report's Wayne Shorter. who is the down popular group in progressive music! one of the finest compilations of jazz mgreatest trumpet players in the world! beat magazine jazz polls =1 soprano mortals ever assembled in one package! saxophonist! Seventeen original recordings from the '50's, '60's and '70s. featuring some of the finest performances ever recorded! The Isley Brothers flafmj uHsin cinc MINNIE RIPERTON HELEN HUMES The Heat Is On WMn,winüriKt ADVENTURESIN the talk of the town Featuring:Fight The Power THATS THE WAY OF THE WORLD PARADISE (with ellis larkins all-starsi including: including: including H I Cmjld B Wi'uAint ïhA Qt FigtitThe PowerHope You Feel Better Lovo Shining Star YeaminLearninS The Light Feelin That Your Feelms Right "Tj Th t n, rw-rh t SensuaMyMake Me Say It Again Girl Happy Feelin Africano When It Comes DownTo ItLove And lts Glory " s "Z 'a "V 1, FofTheLowOfYou mm,, Inside My LoveAlone In Brewstw Bay "mÊÊÊmmmmÊÊÊÊÊ.'"'-"-PZ33536 PC 33280 PE 33454 PC 33488 ' ' Isililiii fpEi ll?#i is:#spH records. The Isley Brothers come on ability. and the result is Thafs the Way th?ouah this a?eát'npw roMrtion nf -Ari h ontes f yeste'dfy and today. mtro also BLACK COMPOSERS SERIES JOSÉ MAURICIO NUNES CARCIA JOSÉ WHITE Violin Concerto WttLlAMGRANT ST1LL OLLY W00DR0WWILS0N Requiem Mass ii.bUialvbuii Sahdii Akwan wSr.'sr.r.Víu".",, '"ríürv.a'isr tela sowande "■'"ïiir.vr,--1 H.."o„'i."Km1;,c'ófchK;'„.il DAVTOBAKERCeUoSonaU rp2ÍSS'2,1?w. TIAI.ERSOvr SN Paul r.„m,. Conduelo. Ju-. 5tuk.., c.Ui.t GEORCE WALKER ANDERSON,JR. m""" AlAm PUnh PiAnut Lvnc ForStrinqs squares Sfcr. L .KX.lfei rffll L-d.„$y_ph.nyO,oh..tI. TALIB RASUL HAKIM f-, 'f J Wwk m'" Pul rrmn Conducto Visions 01 Ishwara s 'ÜnL ÍT Morgin Sljtc Coligo Chon B Jllimoir S vmphon v On hr !t J iraE'Ëi lihl M3331 M3343ÍM 33433-"" " I"-J ! " 2_M piüti is . lüiim ppmsi ono" tonal invention (All 8 Series Volumes Available) NOW AT N m the UNION, at 530 S.STATE ST. SflA #S open M-F 9 30-5=30 Sat 12-5 nr "