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Slavery In The Church

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i There is a elass ofabolitionists'whoare opposed to A. S. nomination?. They cannot go w.ith us to the ballot box to deposit their votes nguinst slavery, becauge ot the ' vileness, intrigue, corruption and to'.al destitution of all moral principie which they think wül characterize a new political party. Furthermore, they consider that it would be unwise, bccause our nurnbers are so Lpw. They also hold, as a part of thcir creed, Miat the principies oftho Gospel, are the chief, if notthe only meanson , which weshould rely for the extirf.ation of ' the evil óf slavery, and that the moral power of the Churches, whcn they become corjpletely purified froni the sin, wül ba feit so effectually in comtnunity that slavery will be abolished. It is strictly true, that f every Church ! in the free States would adopt the principie of excluding slaveholders from its fel- ; lowship and communjon, after having borne tcstimony against the sin for a euit able lengih of time, the effect upon the South would be powerful and efHcacious. But we do not find that those who thu. highly value the moral power of the churches as a means of removing slavery, nnd who are opposed to all political efforts for its removal, are always, or often, the most forward to bring that power which they prize so highly to bear upon the evil ! to be removed. Is t not true that many of themare quite inactive? For the sake ! of consistency, they are bound to act. - They say they cannot conscientiously g to the polls with the political abolitionists to vote against slavery. Be it so. By I iheir own showing, however, there is a largo fifíld where they can act, and whore they ought to act to the extent of their ability. If the moral power of the church is to ubolish slavery let that power be applied in all lts lengih and breadth. Bul "faiih without works is dead." If thisclass ofabolitionists have the cause of the slave at heart, they will manifest it by their fruit3. But if they have no fruits, what sliallssetliink?