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WITHY0ÜR5W j I SÜBSCRIPTION W I When you subscribe to the SUN, greater Michigan's alternative M newspaper, for one year or more, you get a free record album as m a bonus. With a one year ($5.50) or two year ($10.00) ■ tion you can choose one of the following 4 new Motown re1 EI leases: 1) "The Hit Man" by former Temptations singer Eddie 1 Kendricks, 2) "Ode to My Lady" by Willie Hutch, 3) "Back to PA J & Earth" by the Rare Earth or 4) "Banco". Subscribe to the SUN M Iand begin savoring its regular cultural, political local and nationW al coverage, plus its complete entertainment calendar, and get k y Eddie Kendricks your free rhythm and blues lp from Motown records. Supplies F fh are limited, so order now. Please piek your first and second W aW' - choices.... W L■ k ÊHË;'JÉk Bk Rare Earth Eddie Kendricks W B Willie Hutch Banco Give me 24 issues and a free record. Enclosed is $5.50. Check first choice: Rare Earth Willie Hutch ■ 'M take 48 issues and a record. Enclosed is $10.00. Eddie Kendricks Banco NAME PHONE ' ADDRESS APT' NO' CITY AND STATE ZIP Seml check or numcy order to the Ann Arbor SUN, 603 E. Williain Sr., Ann Arbor, Ml 48108