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DETROIT SMACK: PÓLICE DOMAIIM? THE PINGREE ST. SIXTEEN GO TO TRIAL - Two years after an nternal po lice investigaron led to indictments of a score of officers from the west side tenth precinct, the drug dealing and payoff trial of sixteen policemen and civilians s underway before Recorder's Court Judge Justin Ravitz. Freelance writer Pamela Johnson gives a history of the case and a taste of the courtroom drama in the f rst of a series of articles on the trial page 3 BREAKING THE 10TH PRECINCT CONNECTION - Dctroit Free Press reporter Howard Kohn risked his life and ultimately lost his job in uncovering the involvement of Detroit Pólice in the city's heroin traff ie. SUN co-coordinator David Fenton details Kohn's efforts page 5 OPINIÓN AND EDITORIAL - features comments on the failure of Detroit's media to cover the police-drug trials. Also, Voice of the People, Letters and our Guest Editorial by Nadine Brown on the beating of a black policemen by white cops during a recent pólice riot page 6 UNITED FARM WORKERS: UP .FROM THE ROOTS de tails the history of the UFW and Caesar Chavez in seeking justice, basic human rights and decent living conditions for California's farm laborers. First of a two part series by SUN west coast correspondent Mtchael Castleman on the occasion of California's upcoming representation elections for farm workers page 8 INFORMED SOURCES gives an account of national and international events with a point of view. Includes breaking assassination information, suit against an IUD manufacturer, re-opening trade with Cuba, IMixon piotting to block Chile's Allende, and more. By Ellen Hoffman page 10 TENNIS PRO SCORES AGAINST APARTHEID - In an interview, recent Wimbleton men's singles champion Arthur Ashe explains why he bucked criticism and toured South África. Ashe relates what he saw and what he feels his visit accomplished. Reprinted from África magazine . . . page 1 1 ANN ARBOR - News of what's happening around the town, including the uncovering of the identities of the f ive Ann Arbor cops involved in the search and detention of the Blue Magie band, during which the musicians were beaten and threatened, doorto-door voter registration returning, and Ann Arbor's Cable TV woes page 12 PARTING SHOTS: AN INTERVIEW WITH RABBI BRUCE WARSHAL - In the second of a series. Warshal gives his observation on Ann Arbor politics and tells of the unprecedented cooperation between his congregation and a Christian congregation which led to their sharing the same building. Interviewed by David Fenton and Barbara 13 CLASSIFIEDS - Find what you want or what you need. Also, buy, rent, sell or make a friend at the lowest rates around page 14 SHOTS - Brief blurbs and pies of inside features, plus the ntroduction to the Carolyn Crawford interview. . . .page 16 THE SUN KULCHUR SECTION, which begins with this issue, includes complete entertainment information, as weti as features on music, books, concerts, records, etc. AFRO-AMERICAN FESTIVAL - details the successes (musical) and failures (organizational) of the recently held blackethnic festival in Detroit. By Bill Adler page 1 WHAT'S HAPPENING highlights upcoming events in the Detroit-Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. Compiled by Elaine Wright and Dianne Ripley page 3 MUSIC NOTES looks at Bob Dylan jamming with Ann Arbor's own Chris Brubeck in NY and more. By Bill Adler page 4 RECORDS - Reviews of new releases by Esther Phillips, Bob Dylan and the Band, Cannonbad Adderley, Bud Powejjï Eric Burdon and Felix Cavaliere page 5 BILL HUTTON'S HISTORY OF AMERICA - A fuction contribution for the Bicentennial page 6 INTERVIEW WITH CAROLYN CRAWFORD - One of soul music's and Detroit's rising talents, who has been in the music business for 24 of her 26 years. By Ken Kelley. page 8 CALENDAR - Comptete listing of concerts, club appearances and events for Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and environs page 1 1