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The National Fast

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-Wc hope thofast appointed by the National Executive wil] be general ly observed. We are dcsirous also that it should be observed rightly - n a manner that shall be acceptable to God, and profitable to the nation. Wo cannot convey our own ideas on the subject any better than by extracting the following proclamation of Gov. Kent, of Maine, for a fast in that state on the 22d of April last. kMay it be such a fast as the Lord has chosen; observed, not in a spirit of osten-' tatious abstinence, or hyocnlical formality, 'to be seen of men,' but vvith deep penitencc of heart, practical repentance towards God, and humble hope in His mercv as dcclared to mankind in Christ Jesus our Lord. May we cherish and net upon those principies, which lead us, 'to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go: iree, and to break every yoke, to deal bread to the hungry,' to shelter tlie houseless, to clothe the naked, and to provida for the dependent." OO-The Presbytery of Bath have returned an answer to the communicalion of Rip ley Presbytery, Ohio, of which tho following is an extract : MVe regard slaveholding as one of ths grossest violations of the law of God, and ín our ecclesiastical relations would treat slaveholders as we do other gross offenders." The AJabama Baptist Association lately passed the following resolutions': - "Resolved, That we have read our Btble?, and are fully convinced, that slavery is in perfect accordance witk its hoty die-, tales, and that the condemnation of it, ei ther in principie or practice, entered not into the instruction of Christ and his Apostlee. Therefore, in the act of holding sla ves, wc sin not, and by consequence deserve not the sentence pronounced against us. Resolved, That we consider those who are engaged in the cause of abolition, are engaged in anunholy cause - in one which is condemned by the Bible, and wholly unathorized by ihe blessed Suvior. CtírThe Congregational Assnciation of Western New York, nt a recent meeting have passed a number of resolutions on Slavery, among which is the following:- "That for the present, until they repent, we must withdraw our christian fellowship from them, and neither welcome a slaveholder to our pulpits, or to our ■ munion table." O-It appears from tho new census, that if 60,000 be adopted as the ratio of representatien in the popular branch of the national Legislature, the slaveholding States will lose fi ve and the non-slaveholil ■ ing States gain twelve tnembers. We are requested to say that Nathan Durfee, of Marshall, is one of the State Committee of correspondence, and that the name of J. T. Gilbert, was inserted asono of the comrnittee by mistake. ffThe number of pereons who voted for the three candidates for President at the last election inthe State of New York was 441,' 139 - a number which exoeeds all the holders in the nation, by one third.