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Bud Powell

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Bud Powell, "liud in Paris", Xaiiadu 102 Powell was the premier bop pianist. (Monk is in a class by himself. lie wasu regular in one of ('harlie Parker's all-star juggernauts during the early 50's, and the tal lier of an entire school of players tlial includes, for example. Barry Marris, who's still quite active on the New York scène and wlio is himself the teacher of Detroit's own Kenn Cox, of CJQ and Guerilla Jam Band fame. Powell's most astonishing sides, cut in the mid-Forties, are still available on the aptly entitled The Atnazing Bud Powell on 2 volumes for Blue Note. Sadly, like far too many other black artists, Powell succumbed to the killing pressures of the ja subculture. ; Paris, recorded in 1959-60, documents the fresh start he made in that city after five or more years of physical and mental decline here. . Apparently, the reduction in tensión, steady employment, and relative lack of racism there all contributed to Powell's comeback. These sides crackle with bebop pyrotechnicsand the pianist's enthusiastic grunt-alongs. Mostly recorded with a trio featuring drummer Kenny Clarke, there's the additional bonus of two cuts with the great tenor player Johnny Griffin (long associated with Monk). These never before available sides constitute a fine introduction or addition to a great pianist's work from a meticulous new company.