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WCBN 89.5 FM (763-3500) Monday-Friday 3am-7am, All Night Program (various music) 7-9am, Wake Up Program (light) 9am-noon, Morning Show (progressive) noon-3pm, Afternoon (Rock) 7-11pm, Nightiams (R & B) 1 1 pm-3am, Jazz Round Midnight Monday-6-7pm, The Women's Hour Wednesday-6-7pm, The Chicano Hour Saturday- same as M-F except 6-7pm, feature album of the Week ; 7-1 1 pm David FentonJazz, blues and r & b. Sunday-7-9am, Wake Up Program 9-noon,Classical noon-2pm, Global Village 2-6pm, Live broadcasts from the Ann Arbor Community Park Program held at Victor Jara Musicians' Park 6-8pm, Ann Arbor Alive (live broadcasts) 8-1 1pm, Freeform Fantasy (guest DJ) 1 1pm-3am, The History of Jazz hosted by John Sinclair WEMU 88.1 FM (487-2229) t Composite-light rock music wbreaks for features; M-F, 12noon-5pm Late Nite Show-Rock music; Mon-Sun, 10:15pm1am Folk Festival-Recorded live folk concerts from around the country; Sun, 5:15pm Toward Equal Rights-Women's Advocacy, Mon 7pm Help Wanted-job opportunities on the air; Tues 7pm Dimensions in talk show on developments affecting the black community; Wed 7pm Community Calendar-Wed 7pm The Week End Summary of the week's top news and sports stories; Fri 7:15pm Jazz Scope-Sat,6-10pm;Sun, 7-1 Opm Jazz Revisited-Thurs 6pm WIQB 103 FM (662-W103) Bill Champion: M-F, 6-10am Don Burns: M-F, 10am-3pm Ron Carter: M-F, 3-7pm Kim Goodman: M-F, 7-12Midnight MikeMurphy: 12-6am DETROIT WABX 99.5 FM (543-WABX) Steve Dahl: M-F, 6-10am Jim Sotet: M-F, 10am-2pm Dennis Frawley M-F, 2-6prñ Laura Davis: M-F, 6-10pm, Sat, 5 lOpm Jim Pettyjohn: M-W, 10pm-2am, Sat, Sun 12noon-5pm Dick Thyne: Thurs-Sat, 10pm-2am; Sun, 5-9pm Esa Katiamecki : Sat, Sun, 7-1 2noon Specials: Sun, 9-2am WDET 101.9 FM (577-4147) Morphogenesis: wJudy Adams;MF, 3pm Jazz Today: wBud Spangier; M, 9pm; Sat 12 midnight Folk Music: wCharlie Latimer & Phil Esser, Tues, 12:30pm Jazz Yesterday : wJim Gallert; Thurs, 6:30pm Gayly Speaking: by and about gays; Thurs 11:30pm Everywhere Music Goes: wHerman Curry; Fri, 1 1pm For My People: Community access radio from a black perspective; Sat. 12noon Kaleidophone: wGeoffrey Jacques; Sat, 5pm Contemporary Music: wMike Grosorean; Sat 8pm WJZZ 105.9 FM (871-0590) Gene Edwards: M-F, 6-llam Bobby Dawson: F-F, 1 1 -4pm Ed Love: MF,4-8pm Rosetta Hiñes: M-F, 8-12Midmght Marvin Cherry M-F, 12midnight-6am Community Calendar: M-F, 2:30am, 5:30am, 11 :30am, 2:3Opm Sundown: Jazz spots, theatre & movie listings; 1 :30am, 3:30am, 1 :30pm, 9:30pm M-F WWWW 106 FM (961-ROCK, 961-ROLL) Ken Calvert: M-F, 6-10am, Sun, 4-8pm Mike Benner: M-F, 10am-20m; Sun, 8-10am, Talk Show; Sun, 1 0am-1 2noon Dan Carlisle: M-F, 1-6pm; Sun, 12noon-4pm Jerry Lubin: M-F, 6-10pm; Sat, 3-7pm Karen Savelly: M-F, 10pm-2am; Sat, 11am-3pm Brent Wilson: M-Sat, 2-6am Donald Schuster: Sat, 6-1 1am; Sun, 6-8am Jerry Goodwin: Sat, 7-12midnight; Sun, 8pm 1am Complete Concert Listings daily at 4:30pm; concert listings also available by calling 961 I067, 24 hours WINDSOR CJOM 88.7 FM (519-252-7313) Bill Androsiak M-F, 6-10am; Sat, 10am-3pm Paul Nathan M-F, 10am-2pm; Sun, 3-8pm Ronnie Legge: M-Sat, 3-8pm Jimrny Siciliano: M-F, 8pm-1am; Sun, 10am3pm Dennis Shrieve: M-F, 1-6am, Sun, 1-6am Lori Cushman: Sat & Sun, 6-10am Bobby Gale Sat & Sun, 8pm-1am Terry Nutt: Sat, 1-6am . SPECIAL FEATURES Connection: MSun, 1 1pm-12midnight, music and interviews Fresh Air: Sun, 9:30am-pubhc affairs International Hour: Thurs, 1 0-1 1pm TOLEDO WIOT 104.7 FM (419-248-3377) , Barbara Davis M-F,6-10am Dorian Paster: M-F, 10am-2pm Chris Loop: M-F, 2-6pm Neil Lasher: M-F,6-10pm Dave Loncoa: M-F, 10pm-2am LeeWesoff: M-F, 2-Eam Mohammed Shousher: Sat, 10pm-3am; Sun, 3-8:30pm Mike Rose: Mon, 1-6am; Sat, 6-1 1am; Sun, 38a m SPECIAL FEATURES Slam Jams: Sun, 1 1am-1pm, Prisoners request show King Biscuit Flower Hour & BBC Presents - alternating Sundays at 8:30pm Rock Around the World: Mon, 10:30pm, import hour Janis Joplin Special: August 3-6, 10pm WKLR 99.9 FM (419-244-2679) Chuck Welch: M-F, 6-9am Steve Ellis: M-F, 9am-1pm Paul Brown: M-F, 1 -4pm Billy Slaughter: M-F, 4-8pm Tommy Kaye: M-F, 8pm-12midnight Pat Love: M-F, 12midnight-5am Religión: M-F, 5-6am