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Special Privileges

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- When anvidual loans money, he is ailowed by law 10 charge at the rate of sx per cent, per annum, and is taxed at the rale offrom one and a fourth ío one and a haJf per cent on the amount of money loaned. Wheu a bank lóans money, it is ailowed by law to loan three times 'as much as it actually has, at the same rate of interest that an individual loans for, and pays a tax of about one fourth of one per cent, on the amount which it loans. What less does the law do, than raise np a privileged classin our midst, exerapting it almost entirely from the burdens of taxalion, and enabling it to levy an enoriribute upon thc balance of the community, through the uorporate privilege of printing piciures on sillc paper? What da simple minded republicans ihink of such a measure as this? Suppose the law should single outsome half dozen farmers in every township in the State, the most wealthy too, and exempt their farms from laxation, and compel people who wanted to purchase to go to these men and pay (hem three imes as much aa their horses,cattle,grain, &-C. were worth. Would not one then complain, and justly complain,of the monstrous nequality of the laws? And yet such laws would scarcely be more unequal and unjust in their operation, than are the laws which reíale to individuáis