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To The Ex. Com. Of The Michigan State Anti-slavery Society

To The Ex. Com. Of The Michigan State Anti-slavery Society image
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Extracta from a letter of J. S. Fitch, to ihe Executive Committee, dated, Marshali, 30th April, 1841.I atn pieased that you have been enabled to raise the flag of the "Signal of Liberty," for the Península State, lo Iet the inhabitants of litis part of christencfom know that the spirit and light of the puritans of this American iand has not entirely vanished in this day of recklessness and confusión, turmoil and celestial chaslisements. IdobeÜeve,gentJemen,there is moral worth and pure repubhcan principie in the heartof this nation, which has been buried up by the tumultuous exhibition of demagogues and office hunters and monetary defaulters, which can yet bo aroused and brought into action, that will leaven the whole lump, and save 113 from utter ruin as a nalion of freemen, and rid us of that Hea ven-daring crime of sluvery and aristocratie oppression. Taking this view, together with many others, I cannot but feel thatgreat responsibilities rest upon you. We are asvare how many look upon your little "Signal," and how careless and indifferent some are to the Boacon, and the contempt of others of whom we ought to look for botter things. But oa the other side, let us look, Brethren, what has God, the mighty Kiug, the Eternal ruler of the universe, hung out as a "Signal;'' the whole politica], pecuniary, and temporal horixon of the American people clothed in sackcloih, mourning and lamentation; theJrapery of the very Meavens is shrouded in gloom, and earth is astounded, and the counlenances of men teil ofthejudgmenlsofthe Almighty,and with faltering voicc they enquiro, why is this? and what shall be done? Brethren, the minds of the political aspirants are bcclouded, and their eyes dim, and the most fine gold has become changed, nnd who will raise the warning voice, when the American Editor cannot get his mind expanded enough, his views enlarged, or his eyes open to the real cause of thcir nationalcalamities. Whön the judgmenis of the Lord are in the land why will not the people learn righteousness? When pecuniary distress prevails from the eastern boundary to the borders of Texas, vvhy will not represenlatives legislate in the fearof God? When professed chrisfians pray for righteous rulers, why con they be so inconsistent as to vote for siave holdere and Sabbath breakers? No, gentlemen, God forbids ir, and they must be made to feel it, and then we may hope they will act differently. Í would ask, for the consideraron of all conceined, in what part of the empire of ihe heartaudconscience there is a place to contain the Iloaven-born principie of I republicanism and democracy, while the hands are holding up their vote to cast it Tor a man that has not Ihe Arst principie of republicanism engrafted into his soul? - 1 am well aware how these views will affect many who should have an opportunity to read them, and we are told this plain, open, frank and honest exhibilion of facts never will bring the great mass of mind over to these truths; that unless we devise and practice slratagern, cunning, management and intrigue as other political parties do, we need not expect to succeed. I do not know how far my brethren in this hnly cause would justify the course of other politieel parties in effecting their objects, yet I feel that if truth, riyhtcousness, human rights and justice will not sustain the pillars of our temple, then let the story be recorded for the reading of future generaliúns, like unto the history of other republican governments, that the Sampsons of the nineteenth century have overturned and destroyed the temple of American liberty, and a general ruin succeeded. Let us do what wc can ancl wait for tbo rociih, niixl fnar nat aor_ Ue.-tliflmp.ycd, and belíeve me your sincere friend anc fellow-laborer in the cause.