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  • Conspiracy? - An impressive array of experts on assassinations, intelligence agencies and right-wing subversion coverage on Ann Arbor Nov. 2-4 for a three-day teach-in on "The Bi-Centennial Dilemma: Who's In Control?" For a complete rundown, check [pgs. 6-7].
  • Above & Below Grade - Sooner or later, it appears, Detroit will have a regional mass transportation system. What chance for SEMTA subways and rapid transit in the near future? Dennis Rosenblum looks at the current prospects on [p.5].
  • IFFY SEZ - Did Sara Jane Moore's bullet actually pass through the cavity between Ford's ears? Will the South End behave itself following a visit from the Pres' bodyguards? Will Jack Ford turn daddy on? Iffy the Dopester tells all, [p.2].
  • Music Renaissance - The live scene is enjoying a new boom in Detroit - and John Salvador's Showcase Theatre and Chuck Lowman's Westside Club are right in the middle of it all. Kulchur Editor John Sinclair recounts their "long, hard road" to, hopefully, lasting success. [p.11]
  • People's Symphony - the musicians of the Detroit Symphony, struggling to gain control of their creative environment and at an impasse with management, are running their own show now. See [p.10].
  • What's Going On? - If it's halfway hip, you'll find it in The SUN's carefully culled compilation of cultural happenings all over the Detroit-Ann Arbor area, starting on [p.16].