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Remember the gasotineenergy crisis? It turned out to be : more ut a profit crisis for the giant ofl multinationals. The mass public media mind was successfully manipulated to accept a doubling of the pnce of gasoline due to what has now been documented as a mythical shortage. , Well, the test-proven strategy is once again being spread on tne public by the natural gas companies. Voila-lhere's a natural gas shortage. Get ready, folks, we're going to have to doublé the pnce of the stuff. After all, why should home heating oil bnng twice the price of natural gas? It's time for a little equality. Already the "gas shortage" commercials are popping up on the tube, showing romping children stopped deadpan: "What will Johnnie do when the heat runs out?" Stories are spreading across newspapers: "More Layoffs Feared Due to Gas Shortage." Whitey Ford, our beloved puppet-commander, is naturally pushing forwhat else?-decontrol of natural gas prices. Haven't we seen this movie before, Virginia?