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! asi weck the O! luster meandered lus way down W G-] , the eoprtrooni in the basement of the Frank Murphy Hall of J ui tice where the 10! h Préciqcl fnal is hotdin' forth, just in time to see the defense startin' its case. No soon had I got there than I noticed this öfficial-iooking statement posted tb the door qf this courtroom: ■ 01 I KIM DOCl MIN I By Order of: The People oi the State of Michigan Motion is hereby subrtiitted, and granted, on this eighth day of Octobei . 1 1)75. to wit: IIkii .i directed verdici of'not suilty" shall be offered any dvilian defendan't in "The Siate ol Michigan vs. laconelli et al." editor' t note: the rfficial designa! ion o) ■ "( Precinct Trktlj whpsoeyet sluill take it upoh himself to dispose, in ;i manner deemed permanent, and fitting', of one Lee DeChamps ta.k.a. "Da C'luinip") foi the crime ol" criminal boredom. Suggested means of disposal: in a val of warm spit. THIS ISA IKlf BILL iod, John Ddc, Fi)r the People of the Statfi pi Michigan. WelKii. nö sooner had I got mysell into the proceedmgs, titan 1 fealized the reason fut siich a no ti ce. Lee DeChamps, who is the defense attomey foi Harold "Boo" 'I umer. one ut'tl)e civilian defendants charged m thé case, was rantin" and ravin' in all sotts ot picayune tangents about this and that, all in a most pompons siyle. such that any observei couidn't help bul think that he should either be charged with the crime ut' criminal negligence to lus cliënt, or al the very least he should be deptmcd by the proaecution, whose interests he wuz servin" down to the letter. Not that he is m the company, in his Fetlow defense attorneys, ui' such sterling counselors maiiy of ïm sèènied more like they belonged in the trial of Ahce in Wonderland. Now. l'e seen bad lawyers in my time seen sorne o' the Worse of 'em, in facl hut these guys ïeally take the cake. il sa knov.' what 1 mean. ! can only surmise that the s(atfl bai cxam is a wholc lot easicr lo pass than in my day. or that these guys paid off the bar examiner enough to teiire to continued on page 23 The Defense continued from page 3 Puerto Rico tor ilie rest of liis lile in return tbr passin' them. Ffbm whut we hear, "da Chump" lus heen deiall willi rathei severely by the more astute of his comrades lately outside the courtrooiu, which just reintorces the adage of thal late greal friend of mine, Lenny Bruce, who observed that, "In the Halls of Justice, ihe only Justice is m ilie Halls." . . . Kudos, by the way, shmild accrue to Judge Justin Kavit, the mvsidin' in the case. foi ihe extraordinary patience and jiidiciousness with which lie is handlin' t liis case. II it were up to me, the tirst sentence l'd pass would be against the lawyers in the case and l'd be none too lenient, yon can believe.